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How to prevent mildew on the shower curtains

How to do if the shower curtains is moldy. 1. The bathroom has more water vapor, and the indoor closed shower curtain is easy to accumulate mold due to moisture. It is recommended to open the exhaust fan after bathing in the bathroom. Ensure the ventilation of the bathroom. 2. Dehumidifier or desiccant can be used in the bathroom. Avoid and reduce the mildew of the shower curtain. 3. After the shower curtain is cleared, it is exposed to the sun to eliminate bacteria and moldy mold on the shower curtain. 4. Alcohol disinfection In addition to dark spots, see the black spots on the shower curtain, and to remove the dark spots, you can first dilute the alcohol with water, evenly spray the mold on the shower curtain, because the alcohol can be disinfected, Can remove mold. Then rinse with a shower, all kinds of mold can be washed away! But our shower curtains are made of durable polyester fabric. Relatively speaking, it is not easy to mold. You can choose one that you like.

How to wash the shower curtains?

How to wash shower curtains? There is no shower room at home, and the shower curtain helps a lot, but cleaning up makes many people have headaches. Cotton shower curtain. The cotton shower curtain is washed like a garment, poured into a laundry detergent, or directly machine washed. Wrinkle after drying can be ironed and used. Polyester, canvas and woven fabric. Soap water, preferably warm water, can be washed for half an hour. It is easier to wash the stains. Plastic shower curtain. Plastic material can be wiped directly with soapy water or warm water. Soft soap and shower gel on the shower curtain can also be softened with vinegar. Wash back and forth with a brush. Shower curtains with shutters. Many of the hotel shower curtains are shutters. Bleach can be used for cleaning and disinfection. Rinse the stain with warm water.

Improve The Bathroom And Improve The Quality Of Life

Improve The Bathroom. "I please don't throw your facial cleanser." "What is the matter, can the towel be hung up?" "There are so many places, no plans, what can I do?" In the past, our family often quarreled for the storage of the bathroom. Subjectively, we hope to have a neat and clean bathroom. We are always dragged by our mobile phones and computers, but since we have learned and stored knowledge, our bath room The storage is also considered to be "a family is going to be neat and tidy", and the texture of the bathroom is improved by more than one grade. First, use the wall space as much as possible. Some bathroom are really small and are not willing to move large projects, so use multi-layer partitions, hooks, hanging lockers, etc., make full use of the walls, use every inch of space, you will find that your bathroom is very same. Second, custom bathroom cabinets, increase capacity. Customized bath room cabinets can not only choose the style according to the owner's preference, but also arrange various objects in a clear and clear manner. The multi-layered space of the bath-room cabinet can be used to arrange your miscellaneous items in a reasonable and orderly manner. life. Third, the shelf, home to accommodate a good helper. The budget is not enough, but it is really enough for all sorts of mess, you can choose the rack, you can also store the debris in a simple and clear way. Moreover, the style of the racks is varied, whether it is to pursue fashion and new style, or the retro style of the log, only you can't think of it, you can't buy it. But to take care of this matter, I really have to do my homework. I can’t see the good-looking ones in the bathroom, so it’s easy to be counterproductive! In a nutshell, choosing the right way for you is the best.

Is the shower curtain rod punched or not punched?

Is the shower curtain rod punched or not. The house has just been renovated, the bathroom wall is covered with tiles, I want to install a shower curtain rod, but do not want to punch holes in the wall. I saw that there are shower curtain rods on the Internet that are free of punching. I don't know if it works. The old neighbors at home next door were used for punching and not punching. She gave me an analysis of the pros and cons of the two types of shower curtain rods. The punch-free shower curtain rod is also called the telescopic shower curtain rod. It is quite like when the neighbors used it. There are many advantages: the installation is very convenient, and the place of use is more spiritual. The house has just been renovated, the bathroom wall is covered with tiles, I want to install a shower rod, but do not want to punch holes in the wall. I saw that there are shower curtain rods on the Internet that are free of punching. I don't know if it works. The old neighbors at home next door were used for punching and not punching. She gave me an analysis of the pros and cons of the two types of shower curtain rods. Is the shower curtain rod punched or not punched? Hefei old neighbors experience sharing, I definitely buy this! The punch-free shower rod is also called the telescopic shower curtain rod. When the neighbors used it, they liked it very much. There are many advantages: The installation is very convenient, the location is flexible, there is no need to punch holes in the wall, and the length can be adjusted freely until both ends are on the wall and can be used. The important thing is that it doesn't take up too much space and is economical. Generally, the house type is relatively small, and the curved punch-free shower rod can effectively increase the shower space, the space is relatively free to use, unlike the fixed space of the shower room, the cost performance is high. Is the shower rod punched or not punched? Hefei old neighbors experience sharing, I definitely buy this! After using it for a while, the neighbors discovered the drawbacks of the punch-free shower rod: Tolerate the limited gravity, can not hang too heavy things, usually take a towel, bath towel is still possible,…

Meet You, Spring Blossoms

Meet you, spring blossoms. When did I feel this way? I also can't tell, maybe it was at that moment, when we had our first contact. Some people say that people will encounter countless passengers in their lives, and they will also rush and go in a hurry. The teacher will also be a passer. But since I met you, my world has blossomed in spring. You are not a passer in my life, you are the most beautiful flower in my heart. It was a weekend of returning to school. You are a teacher of the value of Zhou, so routinely check the illegal items in the porter. The weather was so hot that day, there was no cloud. I walked into the concierge with a bag, and I was on the verge of a strange and very affable face. You smiled at me and took my bag. I am fascinated by you, your every move is so gentle, the leaves in the distance are lazily swaying, and the irritability caused by the sultry heat in my heart suddenly disappears. "Teacher, there are apples and clothes inside!" I said softly, for fear of breaking this harmony. You looked up at me and stopped the hand that was about to open the zipper. He nodded to me. "Well, if other students can work as an assistant teacher like you, then the teacher is more pleased!" Deliver the package to my hand. I said goodbye to you and walked out of the concierge. From the moment I walked into the door and walked out, your mouth never fell, always rising slightly, because of this, let the composition I fell in love with you at first sight. Meet You, Spring Blossoms.Maybe my love for you has touched the sky. In the next semester, you are the geography teacher of our class. When you walked into the classroom, my eyes lit up and my world suddenly blossomed. Meet You, Spring Blossoms.The class you are talking about is extremely vivid, and I am gradually interested in geography. In the spare time, you will teach us a lot of truths. You said that boys must be able to hold up a day, girls must learn to be independent, and everything I have always remembered.(Spring Blossoms) I still remember that on the rainy day, I didn't bring an umbrella. I stood under the eaves of the…

Modern Home Style Design Features

Modern Home Style Design Features. Less is more decorative principles The modern style of light beige modern style home proposes the aesthetic principle of “less is more”. Therefore, the most important feature of modern style is simplicity and clarity. It discards many unnecessary additional decorations and design on the basis of plane composition, color composition and three-dimensional composition, paying special attention to the spatial color and the excavation of physical changes. Space availability and flexibility The modern style pursues the practicality and flexibility of the space. The living room space is composed according to the functional relationship between each other, and the functional space is mutually infiltrated, and the utilization rate of the space is the highest. Space organization is no longer based on room combination. The division of space is no longer limited to hard walls, but rather to the logical relationship of meeting, dining, learning, and sleeping function spaces. The division of different functional spaces is expressed by changes in furniture, ceilings, floor materials, displays, and even light, and this division exhibits flexibility, compatibility, and fluidity over time. Decorative materials and color schemes provide a spatial backdrop for modern interior effects. First of all, in the selection of materials is no longer limited to natural materials such as stone, wood, tiles, but to expand the choice to metal, paint, glass, plastic and synthetic materials, and exaggerate the structural relationship between the materials, and even the air conditioning pipeline, Structural components are exposed and strive to present a highly technical interior space atmosphere that is completely different from traditional style. Color based on brown series Modern colors are often based on intermediate colors such as brown (light brown, brown, ivory) or grey (white, gray, black). Among them, white can express the simplicity of modern style. In addition, black, silver and gray can also show the bright and cool style of modern style. Another color feature of modern style is the use of very strong contrasting color effects to create a maverick personal style. The modern style of the room emphasizes the individuality and creative performance, that is, does not advocate the pursuit of high-end luxury, but focuses on what distinguishes it from other houses. The versatility of residential small spaces is an important feature of modern interior design. Functional spaces associated with host hobbies include home audiovisual centers, mini-bars, fitness corners, home computer studios, and more. These personalized functional…

Rustic Shower Curtains Design Inside The Bathroom

Rustic Shower Curtains Design. All the girls may have a rustic home dream. All of them are floral lace, soft and fresh, natural colors, a lot of wood-colored wooden furniture, and a sharp-eyed, handsome male friend. Of course, today's editor can satisfy all your fantasies. Today, the editor-in-chief will tell you about the rural-style design in the bathroom, satisfying the majority of female fans, and giving the owners some reference to relevant designs! What is the most classic element of the pastoral style? Of course, the floral! The small flowers in the bathtub are repeated but not messy, for the correct demonstration. The use of floral flowers is just right to become an idyllic wind, otherwise it is the sense of sight. The small florals in the closet are fresh and lovely, but what is the ghost of the Rustic shower curtains, ugly crying.  Large-scale furnishings can quickly bring out the pastoral atmosphere, but large items occupy space, so the emphasis on the pastoral feeling falls on the bathtub, especially the wooden bathtub, the log atmosphere enhances the pastoral flavor. There is no wooden bathtub, but it can also be remedied by the Rustic shower curtains, especially the white shower curtain with lace hollow. Is there a feeling of half-covering on the wood? With the unique mirror headlights, the pastoral style can also be high. !Color matching Is there anything more simple and rude than the whole bathroom wall painted with mint green? In addition to working on the wall, you can also paint the basin cabinet with a strong pastoral color, such as green and blue. Wall decoration The wall is decorated with idyllic wall decorations such as vines, which can be warmer under the warm light. What is more powerful than the wall decoration is of course the direct shape of the bathroom, such as the hollowed out wall, the ethnic design, the garden is quite different woodwork Uniform wood color, vintage old wooden cabinets, with floral Rustic shower curtains, the atmosphere is not evil, and then a little bit of green plants, the best pastoral style demonstration is you!

shower curtains decoration, creating a bathtub to relax in the small world

shower curtains decoration, creating a bathtub to relax in the small world. There are many ways to relax. Do you still choose to go for a walk in the countryside or fishing along the coast? Then you are too backward! And the busy pace of life makes us have no time to go out to relax, so the most convenient is to immerse the body in the bathtub (bathroom decoration renderings), pulling the beautiful shower curtains decoration is a relaxed little world. The bathtub is designed at the corner, and it is a piece of heaven and earth. The two curtains are elegant and beautiful, such as two doors, making the bathroom like a separate room. The shape of the big flower is painted with blue lines on the white shower curtains decoration. It is very cute. The color of the blue and the towel contrasts with each other, so that the bathtub and the rest of the bathroom (the bathroom decoration effect map) are connected. The shower curtain is separated from the wall by a distance, so that the bathtub does not appear to be closed and dull. The white shower curtain is surrounded by a circle, which surrounds the bathtub and makes people feel safe when bathing. The plain floral shower curtain gives the white bathtub a fresh expression. The bathtub corner is designed with two small partitions, which can be used to place shower gel and other things. Black and white matching has always been the unconventional choice of the fashion industry. The black pattern on this shower curtain makes the bathroom a bit more elegant. The sea-blue walls are more refreshing and unique because of the white lines, soaking in this bathtub, as if swimming in the sea is as free. The design of the window allows the bathtub to be light and enjoys the view from the window for relaxation. The shower curtain is designed to increase the privacy of the bathroom. This European-style (European-style decoration effect) garden shower curtains decoration, the bathroom is full of romantic retro atmosphere, and two decorative paintings are hung on one side of the wall, which instantly has an artistic temperament. Very fresh and rustic floral pattern, the shower curtain design makes the bathroom romantic and adds privacy. The walls of the bathroom are also faint yellow, and the whole space is harmonious and beautiful. The white decoration will make the space…

Shower Curtains Selection And Matching

Shower Curtains Selection And Matching 1. How to choose a shower curtains About shower curtains material: PEVA is a polymer of PE and EVA. It is also an environmentally friendly material. It has no odor and smoothness. It has a good hand feeling and its EVA content determines its feel and drape. The higher the EVA content, the softer the feel. Good, the heavier; the harder, the lighter the PVC; the transparency of the PVC is good, the durability is good, the feel of the drape is good, and it will change with the change of the weather. The square gram weight is the highest, and it will have a faint taste. Ok, the smell will fade away over time. Some printed shower curtains can only be made with PVC. About the thickness of the shower curtains: For the thickness of the fabric of the shower curtain, the thicker the fabric, the better. The too thick fabric will affect the breathability and waterproof performance of the shower curtains. It is not easy to dry when exposed to water, and it may cause mildew after long-term use. The relatively thin shower curtain, if the fabric draping feels good, is also a good product, very comfortable to use. A good shower curtain is to look at design, craftsmanship, workmanship, details, printing effects, and more. Generally, the thickness is usually 0.1-0.15mm. The simplest comparison method is the shower curtain of the same size and the same weight, so the thickness can be determined. In addition, I would like to explain to you that many buyers have misunderstandings that the thick PEVA of PVC is thin. This statement is wrong. Any material is thick and thin, and the thickness is related to the material used for production and has nothing to do with the material. About shower curtain size: The size of the shower curtain in the store is width* height. Please note: the width of the shower curtain is wider than the width of your bathroom, that is, the actual width of the shower curtain you need to pull. For example, if your bathroom or bathtub is 160cm wide, you need to buy a 180-wide bath. Curtains, the curtains need to have room for extension, and the purchase of 160 is not tight. The height of the shower curtain is 180 cm to 200 cm, which is enough; the height of the shower curtain hem…

Shower Curtains, Shower Room, Partition, Which One Should You Choose?

Shower Curtains, Partition, Which One You Choose? This is a thing that many people will entangle, want to use the shower curtains, feel sticky on the body will be wet, uncomfortable; use the shower room, give the child a bath can not stretch, still expensive; with partition, worry not good to play Well, there must be a shower curtains outside, how to be good? In fact, you don't have to be so entangled, you think too much about your feelings, and don't consider the actual situation. Let's talk about a few scenarios you might have to tell you whether to choose a shower curtain, a shower room or a partition. First, the small bathroom with children has a shower curtain to be comfortable This means that you need to bathe your child. In this case, the shower room has been eliminated, unless your bathroom is larger, to order a large shower room. The size of the general shower room is 1m*1m. You and the child can stand down, but the child is short. When you are squatting, it is not easy. If the child is smaller, you need to put a basin to bathe, but the shower room is not. Convenience. At this time, what you need is a shower curtains. The advantage of the shower curtains is that it is soft and does not get in the way. If there is no floor heating, it is best to use it with Yuba. The insulation effect of the shower curtain is not very good. There is another reason why many people don't use shower curtains. They are afraid that the water will flow in a mess. It is very easy to solve the problem. As long as a water retaining strip is enough, the height is 5cm, which is a fairly high height. If it still overflows with water, it means that your home has changed. There are many shapes. If you surround the corner of the bathroom or wall, the available shapes are as follows. The diamond type has the lowest space utilization. Choose a shower curtains, pay attention to: 1, the length must be appropriate, the hem is preferably about 2 cm from the ground, otherwise it will be dirty when it is squatting; 2, in order to prevent the shower curtains from floating on your body when bathing, it is best to add a plumb to the bottom of…

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