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DIY Patchwork Shower Curtains Handmade Method

Most of the shower curtains we have seen are made of plastic tarpaulin. Today, foreign hand-made masters will teach us to make quilted shower curtains with tarpaulin. Because the back of the tarpaulin is not waterproof, it needs to be hung on the back when actually used. A plastic lining. Due to the use of inch units in foreign production, conversion to CM will be different. If you are interested in imitating production, please calculate the size according to actual needs. materials needed: 1. Shower curtain hanging ring and other accessories 2.7-19 1/4 yard cloth 3.4 yard MODA waterproof canvas 4.6.25cm wide strip 5. Small cloth head (for use with tarpaulins) Production tutorial: Step 1: Cut the tarpaulin into 2 pieces, each 162 cm long. Cut one of the wide sides into 106cm and the other from the wide side into two pieces, each piece is 38cm wide and 162cm long. The three pieces of fabric are stitched together along the long side, 106cm wide in the middle, 38cm Wide on both sides. Precautions: When splicing, the cloth can be clamped with a clip to fix it instead of the bead to avoid leaving a hole in the tarpaulin. The seam is applied to the inside, do not stretch or iron on the front of the tarp, flatten from the back. Because the tarpaulin does not have a burr, so there is no need to wrap the sides, saving a lot of work, oh yeah! Step 2: Iron the bottom of the shower curtains down 2cm and iron it. Put a layer of cloth between the shower curtain and the iron to avoid damage to the waterproof layer. Then fold it down 10cm and iron it on the same. The crease is shown below. Stitched along the edge Holes are made at 3cm from the edge of the shower curtains. The middle part is calculated according to the need, and the hole is averaged and the ring piece is installed. Step 3: Select a piece as a side strip that meets the shower curtains, cut into four strips of 5.6 cm width and spliced ​​together to form a long strip. Here, if there is a MODA cloth roll, you can choose one directly, which is very practical. Cut the remaining 1/4 yards of fabric into strips of 11cm*50cm size. According to your personal preference, these strips are randomly spliced ​​together along the…

Do you know how to clean and maintain the shower curtains?

              Although the shower curtains is convenient and easy to use, do you know how to clean and maintain the shower curtains?               Shower curtains are very common in modern homes. The benefits of shower curtains are convenience. They don't occupy the place. The bathroom is a place to take a bath. Every time the shower curtain is showered, it will be wet. Without knowing it, the bacteria will take advantage of it. How to prevent mold and clean in the case of constant humidity? Cotton shower curtain The cotton shower curtain is washed like a garment, poured into a laundry detergent, or directly machine washed. Wrinkle after drying can be ironed and used. Canvas shower curtain 1. Canvas or cotton curtains are washed like hot cotton soap with other cotton fabrics, washed and then flattened. Most shower curtains only need to be dried. It is difficult to remove the mildew, wash it with light bleach, and then dry it. 2. If you are too lazy to brush the shower curtain, you can add the shower curtain to the washing machine, add eight or four cups of vinegar, and then leave it to the washing machine for a night. This method not only can sterilize and neutralize all the dirt, but also saves the trouble of brushing the shower curtain. Plastic shower curtain Use vinegar to wipe off the soap bubbles on the shower curtains. Mold and grease. Let the shower curtain look like new. The bottom of the shower curtain is the most difficult to scrub. You can use a brush to rub the salt water hard, because the fine particles of salt can produce a frost-like effect. Then wipe it with vinegar to remove the stubborn stains. Blind curtain If you are home with blinds. Bleach can be used for cleaning and disinfection. Rinse the stain with warm water.

European Style Decoration

European decoration is a European style decoration mode. Including French style, Italian style, Spanish style, Nordic style, British style, Mediterranean style and other major genres, it is the main style of high-end real estate and villa luxury decoration in recent years. origin European Style Decoration comes from ancient Greece and ancient Rome, and also includes some ancient Persian architectural styles. In Europe, there is no profession of interior designers, only the profession of architects. European decoration is actually borrowing a lot of elements of classical architecture to obtain the similar characteristics of European life, so as to get the same feeling of living in Europe. This European Style Decoration inherits the luxurious, dynamic and varied visual effects of the Baroque style. It also draws on the aesthetic and rhythmic details of the Rococo style, which is favored by the upper class. Classical luxury European style decoration is the essence of European decoration, mainly using expensive teak, mahogany, Sapele, cherry wood to make indoor wood and furniture. Most of the lamps are made of precious copper chandeliers or crystal lamps, and the wall is decorated with imported wallpaper or wall covering. Floors are generally made of precious marble or granite, and bedrooms are generally carpeted. In the selection of furniture, expensive all-solid wood furniture is the first choice. A large number of Roman columns, reliefs, and luxury decoration techniques such as painted gold, magnificent and magnificent, are the main features of European classical decoration. development of But the simple European Style Decoration (commonly known as Jane Europe) is more suitable for Chinese people. The decoration requirements of Jane Europe can be as long as there are some symbols of European decoration, and the color and details can be used to set the atmosphere. The characteristics are simple, clear and practical. Because the "minimalism" philosophy of life is ubiquitous in today's popular pop culture. The modern minimalist style emphasizes the function supremacy and the form obeys the function. Therefore, in the design, ceilings, theme walls and other spaces occupying space, and there is not much practical value can be saved. The European Style Decoration of the furniture is as simple as possible, with straight lines as the mainstay. The selection of the floor can be considered in monochrome, the straight lines of the straight lines are neat and tidy or the fashion-forward artificial design traces can be obvious. Decoration features European-style decoration…

excellent DIY shower curtain

excellent DIY shower curtain, multi-site multi-purpose method and skill Speaking of the shower curtain, it is used to block the bathroom and the outside, to prevent water splashing and privacy during bathing. In fact, there are many ways to use the shower curtain, but the general shower curtain is relatively good, the pattern is not good, so it is not suitable for other places in the home. But the DIY shower curtain is a bit different, because it is beautiful, so it is more widely used. What is the reason for DIY's shower curtain? DIY of course has a shower curtain, the shape is simple but the color and type of the pattern are extremely rich, rich in Nordic colors, and the price is also a lot of real things. Perhaps good-looking + cheap is the reason for the popularity of DIY shower curtain, it should be correct. A DIY shower curtain with an unusually rich pattern and color to clean the white background ▲The color of the shower curtain, there are many things on the white background, the reason is to create a clean sense of the formal bathroom needs. When you feel the white background is too, you can decorate some string of shells and the like next to it, the atmosphere of the ocean will have an unspeakable refreshment. The use of the bathroom is the first to introduce the original role of the shower curtain, the case when used in the bathroom, the impression of the beautiful DIY shower curtain after use. Water splash prevention ▲The use of the orthodox school, set a shower curtain between the wash basin and the bathtub to prevent water from splashing. The pattern of the shower curtain is a colorful Nordic style, looking at the fresh and active colors that make people happy, making bath time full of fun. Partition of the undressing area ▲This is the partition between the shower curtain and the stripping station. In the white-based facial wash, the one-tone minimalist shower curtain is moderately visually accentuated, much like a similar space in a premium hotel bathroom. Washing machine ▲ Many people will put the washing machine in the position of the washing machine and the stripping station. In order to cover the eye-catching of the washing machine, it is appropriate to use the shower curtain. The simple black circle pattern shower curtain is used here, there is no…

Golden shower curtains decoration, is the bathroom you yearn for?

Golden shower curtains decoration, is the bathroom you yearn for? The meaning of gold: noble, glorious, luxurious, brilliant. ... In many countries, because the color of gold is gold, gold represents money, wealth, and capitalism. Golden symbolic meaning Gold is the most brilliant luster color. It is the supreme solid color in nature. It is the color of the sun. It represents warmth and happiness. It also has the charm of shining on the earth and shining.Golden shower curtains. If you are also a person who likes gold, when you are decorating, you will bias the furniture to gold. Look at this golden shower curtain below and use a shower curtain to dry and wet your bathroom. At the same time, the golden shower curtain on the beach at the seaside plays a role in embellishment, giving you the feeling of being at the seaside. The breeze is slowly, the sun is bathing on your body, enjoying the leisure time at this moment.(Golden shower curtains)

Happy New Year (Chinese New Year)

Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year (or generally referred to as  Lunar New Year  globally) is the Chinese festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional  Chinese calendar . The festival is usually referred to as the  Spring Festival  in mainland  China , and is one of several  Lunar New Years  in Asia. Observances traditionally take place from the evening preceding the first day of the year to the  Lantern Festival , held on the 15th day of the year. The first day of Chinese New Year begins on the new moon that appears between 21 January and 20 February.In 2019, the first day of the Chinese New Year was on Tuesday, 5 February, initiating the  Year of the Pig. Chinese New Year is a major holiday in  Greater China  and has strongly influenced  lunar new year  celebrations of China's neighbouring cultures, including the  Korean New Year  (seol), the  Tết  of Vietnam, and the  Losar  of Tibet. It is also celebrated worldwide in regions and countries with significant  Overseas Chinese  populations, including  Singapore , Indonesia ,  Malaysia ,  Myanmar ,  Thailand ,  Cambodia , the  Philippines , and  Mauritius , as well as many in North America and Europe. Chinese New Year is associated with several myths and customs. The festival was traditionally a time to honour  deities  as well as ancestors.Within China, regional customs and traditions concerning the celebration of the New Year vary widely,and the evening preceding Chinese New Year's Day is frequently regarded as an occasion for Chinese families to gather for the annual  reunion dinner . It is also traditional for every family to thoroughly clean their house, in order to sweep away any ill-fortune and to make way for incoming good luck. Another custom is the decoration of windows and doors with red  paper-cuts  and  couplets . Popular themes among these paper-cuts and couplets include that of  good fortune or happiness, wealth, and longevity. Other activities include lighting firecrackers and giving money in  red paper envelopes . For the northern regions of China,  dumplings  are featured prominently in celebrating the festival. It often serves as the first meal of the year either at mid-night or as breakfast of the first day.

How to buy and install the shower curtains correctly

      How to buy and install the shower curtains correctly.    The shower room is both beautiful and good for dry and wet separation, so it is very popular. However, for a small apartment with a small area, it is not easy to make room for the shower room in the bathroom. The space is small and you want to keep the bathroom dry, then the shower curtain is your best choice. Let me share with you the experience of the purchase and installation skills of the shower curtain. Correct experience in installing shower curtains The shower curtain is generally made of plastic or nylon, and has a certain waterproof and windproof effect. Therefore, it is mainly used to prevent the splash of the shower from splashing outside the shower and to maintain a certain heat preservation effect. To put it simply, the shower curtains is just a tarpaulin. To be used normally, it must be hung up with the shower curtain rod. It can be pulled apart when used, and it can be put away when not in use, without wasting valuable bathroom space. Shower curtains of different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. Different bathrooms also have different shower curtain installation methods, so let us continue to look down. The previous shower curtains was made of ordinary plastic, and the price was cheap, but the winter texture was hard and not strong. It was easy to tear when pulled, and even sucked on the body during the shower. Summer is good, and winter will make you very unhappy. PVC has good transparency, strong and durable, good drape, feels in general, will change with the change of weather, and it will have a slight taste; PEVA is a polymer of PE and EVA, also an environmentally friendly material, odorless and smooth, good hand feeling The more the EVA content determines the feel and drape, the higher the EVA content, the softer the feel, the better the drape and the heavier. The shower curtains is not as thick as possible. Too thick fabric tends to affect the breathability and water resistance of the shower curtain. It is not easy to dry when exposed to water. It is easy to cause mildew when used for a long time, and the shower curtain is relatively thin if the fabric is drape. Good, it is also a good product, very comfortable to use. The thickness…

How To Deal With The Yellowing Of The Shower Curtains?

How to deal with the yellowing of the shower curtains cloth? What we are talking about is not the yellow shower curtain.It is said that the shower curtain will turn yellow when it is not used for a long time. It is a pity to throw it. How to let the yellow color be removed? Canvas or cotton curtains are washed like hot cotton soap with other soapy fabrics, washed and then flattened. Most shower curtains only need to be dried. It is difficult to remove the mildew, wash it with light bleach, and then dry it. If you have a washing machine, you can add the shower curtain to the washing machine, add eight or four cups of vinegar, and then leave it to the washing machine for a night. This method not only can sterilize, but also neutralize all the dirt, and also saves the trouble of brushing the shower curtains. How to deal with the yellowing of the shower curtain ? 1. Roll up the shower curtain and mold it at the lower end. 2, the shower curtains rolled into a Mexican chicken roll into the basin, ready to soak disinfection + bleaching 3, 84 disinfectant soaking can be bleached to mildew. It is recommended to wear gloves when contacting the disinfectant, otherwise the skin will be dehydrated. 84 disinfectant: water is about 1:10~1:5, the concentration is higher and the rinse effect is obvious. Our family only has the "net content" mark, I use it all. Pour directly on the shower curtains, add a small amount of water, the mildew can account for a high concentration of 84. Soak for 5~10 minutes and find that the water turns yellow and black, and it can be longer. 4. Put on gloves and mold for a while. Wash with water and the water will be clear. 5, the shower curtain to dry, very fast, blowing air for about half an hour to dry. In vain, there are no more

How To Hang Curtains

How To Hang Shower Curtains. Curtains are a must in every home, and the curtains protect the privacy of the family, blackout, and decorate the home. So how to hang the curtains is better, it seems to be a very simple problem, but the actual installation is not so simple. Hanging curtains just looks simple, but different hook types have different hanging methods. Hanging curtain steps step 1: First determine the number of laps and hooks required for each side of the curtain: Generally about 20 per side. Step 2: Hanging loop hook distribution method: first 2 folds, then 2 folds, then 2 folds.... The last fold of the fold is where the loops and hooks are to be hung. Counting the folds of this fold is equal to or less than the number of hooks you have in your hand. Step 3: The hooks for hanging poles are generally three, left and right, and there is a way to install the hooks. On the left and right sides, try to rely on the left and right sides. Only at the outermost side should you leave a hanging position for hanging curtains. Step 4: When pulling the curtains later, pull the curtains in the middle, then the last hanging loop will be stuck, which can ensure that the curtains will not all run to the middle. Step 5: The hooks on both sides of the rod are installed, so install the middle hook to hook the pole. If the middle position is chosen, then the curtain will cause one side not to be fully opened, and the other side is not enough. Step 6: When selecting the middle hook position, pull the curtains up to find the correct middle position. 5 ways to hang curtains 01 sets of rods This is a relatively common hanging method. It is very simple to disassemble. Simply put the curtains along the curtain rods. This hanging method is simple and therefore reflects a more casual and free atmosphere, and you almost never except the pole. Need any other accessories. However, the disadvantage is that the curtain opening and closing is inconvenient. As a space that is often opened or closed, this hanging method is not suitable. 02 hidden snap-on The hidden buckles are also very simple to install, and the appearance is neat and clean. All the pendants are hidden behind the curtains, so…

How to install the shower curtains

      How to install shower curtains.  What if the bathroom in the house is too small to fit in the shower room? In fact, there is a very simple way, that is to install a beautiful shower curtains in the corresponding position of the bathroom, the shower curtain not only has a good waterproof and windproof effect, but also affordable, easy to install. The following small series will share with you the installation method and precautions of the shower curtains rod, for everyone to make a reference. 1. If the shower area has only two walls, the shower curtain rod can only be selected from the circular steel tube fixed on the wall. This fixed arc steel tube has a drawback because it is uneven due to uneven force and long time. Loose. Second, the shower area is best to have walls on all three sides, and more importantly: the shower curtains rods are placed on the walls at both ends with a "bulging rod". What is the expansion rod? The "expansion rod" is a telescopic iron tube. After the two sides of the head, it is fixed by a screw. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the "expansion rod" is generally 20 kg, which can be used for bath towels, and the "expansion rod" can be displaced and replaced anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient; 3. If the water-blocking strip is installed after the floor tile is installed, the glass glue that fixes the water-blocking strip needs to be silicified in 24 hours. The responsible workers will advise you not to let the glass glue be recruited within 48 hours. Psychological preparation for not taking a bath for two days. Fourth, the natural stone retaining strip width generally has three sizes: 3 cm, 5 cm and 6 cm, 5 cm for my household, the height generally has two sizes, 1 cm and 1.8 cm, 1.8 cm for small households; I like to install the water retaining strips. It is not necessary. The height of 1.8 cm is enough. If the water surface is 1.8 cm, the floor drain has not been discharged. This is not a problem with the water barrier, but a problem with the floor drain. About the shower curtains installation method is introduced here, I hope to help everyone.

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