Meet You, Spring Blossoms

Meet you, spring blossoms. When did I feel this way? I also can’t tell, maybe it was at that moment, when we had our first contact.

Some people say that people will encounter countless passengers in their lives, and they will also rush and go in a hurry. The teacher will also be a passer. But since I met you, my world has blossomed in spring. You are not a passer in my life, you are the most beautiful flower in my heart.

It was a weekend of returning to school. You are a teacher of the value of Zhou, so routinely check the illegal items in the porter. The weather was so hot that day, there was no cloud. I walked into the concierge with a bag, and I was on the verge of a strange and very affable face. You smiled at me and took my bag. I am fascinated by you, your every move is so gentle, the leaves in the distance are lazily swaying, and the irritability caused by the sultry heat in my heart suddenly disappears.

“Teacher, there are apples and clothes inside!” I said softly, for fear of breaking this harmony. You looked up at me and stopped the hand that was about to open the zipper. He nodded to me. “Well, if other students can work as an assistant teacher like you, then the teacher is more pleased!” Deliver the package to my hand. I said goodbye to you and walked out of the concierge. From the moment I walked into the door and walked out, your mouth never fell, always rising slightly, because of this, let the composition I fell in love with you at first sight.

Meet You, Spring Blossoms.Maybe my love for you has touched the sky. In the next semester, you are the geography teacher of our class. When you walked into the classroom, my eyes lit up and my world suddenly blossomed.

Meet You, Spring Blossoms.The class you are talking about is extremely vivid, and I am gradually interested in geography. In the spare time, you will teach us a lot of truths. You said that boys must be able to hold up a day, girls must learn to be independent, and everything I have always remembered.(Spring Blossoms)

I still remember that on the rainy day, I didn’t bring an umbrella. I stood under the eaves of the cafeteria and looked at the downpour and was overwhelmed. It is at this time that you are here, you are holding an umbrella that is dripping, you are coming to eat, seeing that I did not take the umbrella and did not hesitate to hold my hand tightly,

next to me, prop up the umbrella, Send me to the opposite eaves, screaming over and over again: “Girls must learn to love themselves, not rain, remember to bring an umbrella next time!” I stared at you and turned away from the back, you certainly not I know that my cheeks are full of tears.(Spring Blossoms)

I have encountered something unhappy. You found me and said to me in a firm tone: “No one can threaten his life!”

Everything is in silence…

Ten years later, twenty years later, thirty years later… I will still remember that when you meet you, my world is spring.(Spring Blossoms)

Spring Blossoms

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