Shower Curtains, Shower Room, Partition, Which One Should You Choose?

Shower Curtains, Partition, Which One You Choose?

This is a thing that many people will entangle, want to use the shower curtains, feel sticky on the body will be wet, uncomfortable; use the shower room, give the child a bath can not stretch, still expensive; with partition, worry not good to play Well, there must be a shower curtains outside, how to be good?

In fact, you don’t have to be so entangled, you think too much about your feelings, and don’t consider the actual situation. Let’s talk about a few scenarios you might have to tell you whether to choose a shower curtain, a shower room or a partition.

First, the small bathroom with children has a shower curtain to be comfortable

This means that you need to bathe your child. In this case, the shower room has been eliminated, unless your bathroom is larger, to order a large shower room. The size of the general shower room is 1m*1m. You and the child can stand down, but the child is short. When you are squatting, it is not easy. If the child is smaller, you need to put a basin to bathe, but the shower room is not. Convenience.

At this time, what you need is a shower curtains. The advantage of the shower curtains is that it is soft and does not get in the way. If there is no floor heating, it is best to use it with Yuba. The insulation effect of the shower curtain is not very good.

There is another reason why many people don’t use shower curtains. They are afraid that the water will flow in a mess. It is very easy to solve the problem. As long as a water retaining strip is enough, the height is 5cm, which is a fairly high height. If it still overflows with water, it means that your home has changed.

There are many shapes. If you surround the corner of the bathroom or wall, the available shapes are as follows. The diamond type has the lowest space utilization.

Choose a shower curtains, pay attention to:

1, the length must be appropriate, the hem is preferably about 2 cm from the ground, otherwise it will be dirty when it is squatting;

2, in order to prevent the shower curtains from floating on your body when bathing, it is best to add a plumb to the bottom of the shower curtains to increase its drape;

3, the water retaining strip must be installed on the outside of the shower curtain, because the shower curtains will sway during use, only the water retaining strip is in the outer position, the water will not flow along the shower curtain to the outside of the shower area;

4, shower curtain is more prone to mold, generally better to replace after a period of time, the price is not expensive, can also change the mood; the price is generally tens of dollars, a lot of colors, materials are also a lot.

5, the upper shower curtain track, preferably using stainless steel, durable, sturdy, can also be hung on the track when washing clothes, and then take it out at one time.

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