Shower Curtains Selection And Matching

Shower Curtains Selection And Matching

1. How to choose a shower curtains

About shower curtains material: PEVA is a polymer of PE and EVA. It is also an environmentally friendly material. It has no odor and smoothness. It has a good hand feeling and its EVA content determines its feel and drape. The higher the EVA content, the softer the feel. Good, the heavier; the harder, the lighter the PVC; the transparency of the PVC is good, the durability is good, the feel of the drape is good, and it will change with the change of the weather. The square gram weight is the highest, and it will have a faint taste. Ok, the smell will fade away over time. Some printed shower curtains can only be made with PVC.

About the thickness of the shower curtains: For the thickness of the fabric of the shower curtain, the thicker the fabric, the better. The too thick fabric will affect the breathability and waterproof performance of the shower curtains. It is not easy to dry when exposed to water, and it may cause mildew after long-term use. The relatively thin shower curtain, if the fabric draping feels good, is also a good product, very comfortable to use. A good shower curtain is to look at design, craftsmanship, workmanship, details, printing effects, and more. Generally, the thickness is usually 0.1-0.15mm.

The simplest comparison method is the shower curtain of the same size and the same weight, so the thickness can be determined. In addition, I would like to explain to you that many buyers have misunderstandings that the thick PEVA of PVC is thin. This statement is wrong. Any material is thick and thin, and the thickness is related to the material used for production and has nothing to do with the material.

About shower curtain size: The size of the shower curtain in the store is width* height. Please note: the width of the shower curtain is wider than the width of your bathroom, that is, the actual width of the shower curtain you need to pull. For example, if your bathroom or bathtub is 160cm wide, you need to buy a 180-wide bath. Curtains, the curtains need to have room for extension, and the purchase of 160 is not tight. The height of the shower curtain is 180 cm to 200 cm, which is enough; the height of the shower curtain hem should be 1-2 cm.

It’s best not to drag the hem, it’s easy to get dirty, and sometimes it’s easy to tear the shower curtain if you accidentally step on it. There are some types of flats that are high-profile. For aesthetic reasons, you can also choose a shower curtain with a high ceiling. In addition, the shower curtain is machine pressed, and the size is 2-3cm. It is normal. International regular size 180*180 (American custom size), 180*200 (European custom size)

About the shower curtain “taste”: the smell is related to the process of printing the shower curtains. Printing shower curtains (printing) and handprints (manual printing), machine printing is machine printing, printing will basically not smell, but can only print some repeatable colors; handprints are manual printing, generally used in the whole The effect or non-repeatable color,

How big the screen curtain is, how many screens there are several colors, the shower curtains should be tiled one color and one color, the process is very complicated, the cost is relative It is relatively high, and it also has a relatively heavy ink smell. The new shower curtain is packaged directly, and it will have an ink smell. It will be hanged and ventilated, and the ink smell will naturally evaporate.

There is “ash” on the shower curtains: the talcum powder sprinkled on the shower curtain, because of the characteristics of PVC, so that it will not stick together, there will be after packaging; in addition to PVC material, the shower curtain of the handprint process no matter which The materials are also sprinkled with talcum powder to protect the newly printed ink. After you receive it, wipe it with a damp cloth or hang it with water.

2.shower curtains knowledge

1. The shower curtain is not a cumbersome pattern, but a black flower like a silhouette. With a lavender flower, it can give a mysterious and romantic feeling.

2. Use the bright yellow and purple flowers as the pattern of the shower curtain to make the bathroom look more expensive.

3, the shower curtains is best not to exceed three main colors, too much color too much eyes will look discomfort for a long time, there must be a proper gap between the pictures, the curtain should have a large background, the eyes look comfortable, the bathroom The space will be comfortable too.

Shower curtain and space style

1, for the choice of shower curtain itself and the style of the bathroom, it is best to be elegant and complicated. The picture and color shower curtains expand the line of sight and add mood to the bathroom, especially for white or minimalist bathroom décor. The simple and elegant shower curtain is suitable for decorating the bathroom with many color blocks. The simple shower curtain can balance the space, especially the vertical and striped shower curtains can extend the line of sight and make the complicated vision become single. concentrated.

2, the bathroom towels, curtains, shower curtains should be uniform in color, thus forming a harmonious and comfortable bathroom space.

3. Shower curtain maintenance and cleaning

    Shower curtain maintenance

After the shower, the shower curtain should be uncovered to allow air to circulate and prevent mold. It can be used to prevent mildew. Only a pack of silicone can absorb moisture. If the stain cannot be removed, you need to buy a new shower curtain. Scrub with a sponge dipped in slightly damp soapy water, and trace the water and dust on the shower room or the door rails. Use an old toothbrush or cotton swab to wash. The shower door should be cleaned regularly with detergent or cloth dipped in vinegar water to prevent scale.

Canvas shower curtain cleaning

Canvas or cotton curtains are washed like hot cotton soap with other soapy fabrics, washed and then flattened. Most shower curtains only need to be dried. It is difficult to remove the mildew, wash it with light bleach, and then dry it.

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