shower curtains decoration, creating a bathtub to relax in the small world

shower curtains decoration, creating a bathtub to relax in the small world.

There are many ways to relax. Do you still choose to go for a walk in the countryside or fishing along the coast? Then you are too backward! And the busy pace of life makes us have no time to go out to relax, so the most convenient is to immerse the body in the bathtub (bathroom decoration renderings), pulling the beautiful shower curtains decoration is a relaxed little world.

The bathtub is designed at the corner, and it is a piece of heaven and earth. The two curtains are elegant and beautiful, such as two doors, making the bathroom like a separate room.

The shape of the big flower is painted with blue lines on the white shower curtains decoration. It is very cute. The color of the blue and the towel contrasts with each other, so that the bathtub and the rest of the bathroom (the bathroom decoration effect map) are connected.

The shower curtain is separated from the wall by a distance, so that the bathtub does not appear to be closed and dull. The white shower curtain is surrounded by a circle, which surrounds the bathtub and makes people feel safe when bathing.

The plain floral shower curtain gives the white bathtub a fresh expression. The bathtub corner is designed with two small partitions, which can be used to place shower gel and other things.

Black and white matching has always been the unconventional choice of the fashion industry. The black pattern on this shower curtain makes the bathroom a bit more elegant.

The sea-blue walls are more refreshing and unique because of the white lines, soaking in this bathtub, as if swimming in the sea is as free.

The design of the window allows the bathtub to be light and enjoys the view from the window for relaxation. The shower curtain is designed to increase the privacy of the bathroom.

This European-style (European-style decoration effect) garden shower curtains decoration, the bathroom is full of romantic retro atmosphere, and two decorative paintings are hung on one side of the wall, which instantly has an artistic temperament.

Very fresh and rustic floral pattern, the shower curtain design makes the bathroom romantic and adds privacy. The walls of the bathroom are also faint yellow, and the whole space is harmonious and beautiful.

The white decoration will make the space clean and tidy and extend the vision. The design of the light yellow shower curtain gives the pure white space a hint of color and vitality.

The black and white sash shower curtain is full of fashion, bathing in such a bathtub, not only can relax the body, but also feel the charm of fashion.

The tiles in the bathtub and walls are light creamy white, and the design of the white shower curtain is more prominent. In order to increase the sense of fashion, the walls are made of black and white mosaic tiles.

The cylinder of the bathtub is stylish light gray, the upper part of the shower curtain is milky white, the lower part of the cylinder surface is khaki, and the color is simple but full and warm.

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