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10 Good Ways To Remove Formaldehyde

Remove Formaldehyde Formaldehyde is a toxic substance, but it is also an important organic raw material, so in our lives, formaldehyde cannot be avoided. In particular, the newly renovated furniture and the newly purchased furniture all contain a large amount of formaldehyde, which is harmful to the health of us and our families. Therefore, today Xiaobian will introduce you to the 10 most effective ways to remove formaldehyde, to help you remove formaldehyde. No1_Formaldehyde removal method: ventilation method For newly renovated houses, the formaldehyde concentration must be high, so be sure to ventilate the room. Open all the doors and windows in the room, let the outdoor air and the indoor air circulate, and let harmful gases such as formaldehyde be discharged outside. The ventilation time is preferably around 3-6, and it is safer to stay in a new house. No2_Formaldehyde removal method: plant adsorption method Many green plants have a good role in adsorbing formaldehyde and purifying the air. We can choose some spider orchids, tigertail orchids, cacti, ivy, etc., not only to absorb formaldehyde, but also to beautify our room. No3_In addition to Remove formaldehyde method: air purifier The air purifier adopts a variety of purification technologies and material media, which can adsorb and decompose indoor formaldehyde and other decoration pollution, and effectively improve the indoor air quality. The air purifier is also an internationally recognized method for improving indoor air quality. No4_Formaldehyde removal method: activated carbon adsorption method Activated carbon is a small drug helper recognized by many people. Because activated carbon has the advantage of many pores, it can adsorb and decompose formaldehyde very well. And activated carbon does not cause secondary pollution to the indoor environment when adsorbing formaldehyde, but the activated carbon will be saturated for a certain period of time, so it should be replaced in time. No5_In addition to Remove formaldehyde method: Photocatalyst to formaldehyde Under the photosynthesis of light, photocatalyst will produce active oxygen, which can decompose various organic compounds and some inorganic substances, kill bacteria and decompose organic pollutants. It has the functions of strong deodorization, sterilization, mildew proof and air purification. Therefore, photocatalyst is one of the best quality methods for removing formaldehyde. No6_Formaldehyde removal method: Remove Formaldehyde scavenger Formaldehyde scavengers use chemical reactions to remove formaldehyde. Spray formaldehyde scavengers on the surface of furniture with excessive formaldehyde, which can reduce the toxicity of formaldehyde and oxidize formaldehyde to…

3 Tips For The Choice Of Shower Curtains

Choice Of Shower Curtains The four small tricks of the shower curtains are the ones that are simple to buy, but when you actually buy them, you know that it is very difficult. The choice of shower curtain is not only the pursuit of beauty, but also the material, size, thickness and smell of it. This is the first question consumers should consider. There is a small trick for the shower curtain in the shower curtain. . First, the material When buying a shower curtain, pay attention to its material. It is said in the shower curtain Daquan that the choice of shower curtain is very important. The material is composed of many kinds, and the quality is good and the quality is poor. This requires the consumer to carefully select when buying, do not choose not to Good material, good material should be soft and textured. Second, the thickness It has been said in the shower curtain encyclopedia, when you choose the shower curtain, you can also look at the thickness of it, the conventional thickness is between 0.1 mm and 0.15 mm. How do you compare shower curtains of different thicknesses? Two shower curtains of the same size can be weighed separately, of which the weight is obviously thicker. Because the shower curtain is used in the bathroom, it is recommended to choose a thicker one, which is relatively light-blocking and the quality will be better. Third, the smell Many shower curtains will smell, which is related to the craftsmanship of the producer. Some shower curtains have been introduced. If the shower curtain is made by a machine, its smell will be less, but the things that are made by the machine are not as delicate as manual. Manually printed, the steps are more complicated, and when it is just produced, there will be a big taste, but don't worry, just take it out and dry it, its taste will soon disappear. The above is a small trick to buy a shower curtain inside the shower curtain. In the shower curtain Daquan, it has been said that the purchase of the shower curtain looks simple, but the actual operation is not easy. If you want to buy a shower curtain that you are satisfied with, the quality is good and beautiful, you must first overcome these small tricks in advance. .

Bathroom Renovation Process

Bathroom Renovation Process: 1. Design the position and size of the wash basin, toilet, water heater, bathtub or shower, then design the water circuit to draw the design plan; lay the water, electricity and heating pipes according to the drawings, then clean the ground, and then use the cement mortar. Level the ground; 2, start to do the ground waterproof layer, the coating should be uniform, thickness ≥ 1.5mm. Pay attention to the dead angle during construction, between the wall and the ground, between the water pipe and the ground. The wall is made of waterproof reference ground, the surrounding side wall is waterproof ≥20cm, there is a bathtub, and the waterproof layer should be able to spray the shower. Of course, the waterproof of the four walls can also be done at the top of the wall, and the roof of the bathroom can be made waterproof better; 3. After the waterproof construction is completed, the sewer of the bathroom should be blocked, and a “low wall” should be built at the entrance of the bathroom for water injection test. The water injection height is about 10cm. After 24 hours, if there is no leakage around the wall and floor of the bathroom, the waterproof quality of the bathroom is very good. On the contrary, find out the missing points and carry out maintenance; 4. After the closed water test is completed, dry for 5-7 days, and then make a layer of cement mortar on the waterproof coating. After the cement mortar protective layer is dry, the floor tiles can be attached. The ground should have sufficient inclination to the ground drain to facilitate drainage. The tiles on the ground should be non-slip and waterproof. The wall tiles can not absorb water, otherwise there will be color difference. The color of the tile grout should be better than the right, not too shallow or too deep. After the wall and floor tiles are attached, the normal decoration on the ground can be carried out; 5. The size and height of the washbasin countertop should be moderate (H75-85cm depending on the height), and the under counter basin is easy to clean. The waterway requirements of the basin: 50cm from the ground and 50-15cm between the hot and cold water, so that the hot and cold water pipes are in the basin. If the water heater and the wash basin are…

Bathroom Renovation Strategy To Create A Perfect Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Strategy The bathroom is small, but it is a very important part of the decoration, and it is also closely related to our life. Everyday life starts here and ends here; if it is not well installed, you can drive you crazy every day. The toilet is broken and the shower is blocked.(bathroom shower curtain) In the process of using the bathroom, it is always easy to have some problems. Therefore, when decorating the bathroom, it is necessary to control all aspects of the details in order to avoid daily life being affected. First, the bathroom decoration matters needing attention 1, reserve water circuit Many bathroom friends often forget to reserve power outlets and waterways when the bathroom is renovated. It is easy to cause inconvenience when changing smart toilets and electric towel racks later. 2, wall and floor tiles problem Do at least 24 hours of water shut-off experiment before laying the floor tiles, and go downstairs to see if there are any traces of water leakage; the floor tiles are aligned with the wall tiles, and when laying the tiles, ensure that the brick surface has a drainage slope of about 1°, and the slope should be Towards the floor drain. 3, dry and wet to be separated If the bathroom is not wet or separated, it will easily cause the water to splash everywhere, and people will easily slip, which is not conducive to cleaning and can not keep the bathroom fresh. 4. What problems will there be if the ordinary toilet is replaced with a smart toilet? When installing a common toilet, the user generally does not consider the subsequent modification of the water circuit, and does not reserve a strong electric power source, socket and waterway in the toilet position, and it is more difficult to use the smart toilet in the future. (Right, the toilet seat should also consider the pit distance problem) Second, the bathroom renovation frequently asked questions 1. Which is more practical for showers and bathtubs? Under normal circumstances, the shower should be more practical than the bathtub, the shower is timely and convenient, and relatively sanitary. For the average family, there are not a few used once a year after the bathtub is installed, and most of them are used to make clothes and curtains,or for shower curtains. 2, the decoration of the bathroom is selected mosaic, or pure…

Bathroom shower curtain dress up, make the bathroom fun

Bathroom shower curtain dress up        Today, in the “light decoration and heavy decoration”, if you want to create a perfect living room space, then you will not be able to make beautiful decorations. The bathroom decoration is no exception, because the bathroom space is not decorated much, so in the bathroom decoration, the owners often pay great attention to the use and choice of small decoration.         In order to protect their privacy, the appearance of the bathroom shower curtain can be said to be born. Although the bathroom shower curtain does not count a very important decoration in the bathroom, it has a great influence on the whole bathroom decoration. The personalized and beautifully patterned bathroom curtain will also add a lot to the bathroom. Interesting.         With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for bathroom curtains are getting higher and higher. Nowadays, the bathroom shower curtain in the market has already bid farewell to the solid color. The shower curtain with personality pattern or beautiful scenery will add color to the whole bathroom, and it will bring unexpected surprises to people.         The white sanitary ware and bathroom furniture create a simple bathroom, which makes it simple and generous, but in this fast-paced living environment, it can not help but seem a bit deserted. Adding some expensive decorations is not as good as using the soft elements to make the whole bathroom. The space has become fashionable and colorful, so the bathroom shower curtain that is not usually paid attention to here may be the protagonist of the color of the bathroom.

Funny Waterproof Chipmunk Animal Shower Curtains

        Chipmunk Animal Shower Curtains This is a very interesting pattern. The main picture is a chipmunk, wearing a red Christmas hat and a red gift bag in front of it, giving a very happy and playful feeling.          The bathroom curtain itself is made of a very durable polyester fabric.This polyester fabric shower curtain is able to print colorful images with a fine degree of detail. In addition, this durable fabric allows for easy cleaning.Images imprinted using heat dye sublimation technique for lasting effects.           If the time is long and it is dirty, you can wash it by hand or machine, which is very convenient. It is also waterproof and does not cause disgusting mold.          The shower curtain has a 12-hole design for easy sliding. Installation and uninstallation is also very convenient. So don't hesitate to choose your favorite Chipmunk Animal shower curtains.

Classification Of Rustic Style Decoration

Rustic Style Decoration The pastoral style focuses on the performance of nature, but the different pastoral styles have different natures, which in turn lead to a variety of furniture styles, Chinese pastoral style, European pastoral style, and even the rural style of South Asia, each with its own characteristics. Each has its own beauty. Chinese pastoral Decoration The tone of the Chinese pastoral style is the golden color of the harvest, which is decorated with natural materials such as wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and fabric. There are often rattan products on soft decoration, such as green potted plants, porcelain, pottery and so on. The characteristics of the Chinese style are in the aspects of interior layout, line shape, color tone, and the shape of furniture and furnishings. They absorb the characteristics of traditional decoration “shape” and “god”, and use traditional cultural connotations as design elements to remove the drawbacks of traditional furniture and remove them. Excessive carvings, combined with the comfort of modern Western-style homes, take different arrangements according to the different types of living rooms. The Chinese-style garden decoration space is about depth, and it is divided by window and screen. The solid frame is made of solid wood to fix the bracket, and the middle is carved with scorpion to make a simple pattern. Doors and windows are very important for determining the Chinese style. Because Chinese doors and windows are generally made of squares or other Chinese traditional patterns, they are carved into various styles with solid wood, polished and full of three-dimensionality. The ceilings are intersected by wooden strips into a square shape, covered with wooden boards, and can also be used as a simple circular light pool ceiling. The solid wood frame is used, and the layers are clear and painted in rosewood color. The furnishings are symmetrical and emphasize cultural significance. The accessories are decorated with calligraphy and painting, antiques, scrolls, bonsai, and exquisite handicrafts. They also show the taste and honor of the master. The woodcarvings are mainly wall-mounted, with cultural charm and unique style. The unique charm of Chinese traditional home culture. Chinese traditional living rooms are very particular about the layering of space. This traditional aesthetic concept has been completely explained in the Chinese style: according to the difference in the number of people in the house, the functional space is separated, and the “dumb” or the simplified “black shelf” is…

Comfortable home, is your home up to standard?

Comfortable home. First, what is a comfortable home system It respects the concept of health, comfort, ecology and energy saving, and comprehensively enhances home comfort. In the 21st century, the comfortable home system began to enter China, a comfortable home system. It is an important part of the standard of healthy housing. The so-called comfortable home system is the application of modern and advanced science and technology, scientific research achievements and advanced environmental protection equipment. It mainly adopts the system of home equipment integration, and improves the comfort level of people's life in many ways through environmental protection and energy saving; thus making comfort The home system meets the three elements of a comfortable life and meets the 15 requirements of the World Health Organization WHO on healthy residential standards. Second, the main three major elements of comfortable life Element 1: Good indoor air quality Comfortable air quality: including temperature, humidity, fresh air volume and air cleanliness. (1). Temperature: The suitable indoor temperature should be slightly lower than the normal body temperature of human beings. Generally speaking, the indoor comfort temperature is 23.5±2°C; (2). Humidity: The relative standard for dividing the humidity is: relative temperature >80% is high and wet, relative humidity <30% is low humidity, comfortable humidity is 40% to 70%; (3). Fresh air volume: China's national standard GB/T18883-2002 determines that the fresh air per person per hour (fresh air introduced from outside) should not be less than 30; (4). Air cleanliness: Generally, when the dust concentration in the air is low, the air cleanliness is high, and when the dust concentration is high, the air cleanliness is low. Element 2: Healthy water quality (1). The water temperature is even and constant; in the process of domestic water, the effluent is uniform, the temperature is moderate, and it is not easy to go up and down. ( 2). Water quality is soft and hard: water is treated, chlorine, heavy metals, solid suspended particles, etc. are removed, the water quality is soft and hard, it will not cause abrasion or damage to clothing and skin, and will not cause scaling of pipes, sanitary ware, sanitary equipment, etc. . (3). Drinking water meets health standards A. Drinking water does not contain pathogenic microorganisms; B. Chemical substances and radioactive substances contained in water shall not cause harm to human health; C. Drinking water must ensure that the senses are good and the…

Common Shower Curtains Materials And Advantages And Disadvantages

Common Shower Curtains Materials And Advantages And Disadvantages Shower curtain material - EVA shower curtain EVA shower curtain is a shower curtains made of high-grade EVA green plastic material. It has a good drape and is one of the most popular shower curtains on the market. Its biggest advantage is that it is well-made and has no irritating odor. It is a very good green product. It can not cause air pollution to the indoors when it is used, but it is also harmless to human health and has no stimulating effect on the skin. . The price of the EVA shower curtain is quite high and the price is relatively moderate. Shower curtain material - PVC shower curtains The popularity of PVP materials has made PVC shower curtains the most popular shower curtain products for many families. PVC shower curtain is not only environmentally friendly, but also has good waterproof and moisture-proof properties. It is also excellent for decorating the home environment. The most important thing is that it has good printing and dyeing, and various colors and patterns can be designed on it. A big advantage that ordinary shower curtain materials do not have. In addition, the shower curtain made of PVC material has excellent heat resistance and long service life, and is an ideal shower curtain material for the family. Shower curtain material - polyester shower curtains Polyester shower curtain is made of pure polyester fabric and processed through long-term special production process. Therefore, this shower curtains product itself has excellent wear resistance, gas permeability and long service life, and is also very popular in the market. The consumer's favorite, and the modern production process makes up for the lack of moisture resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties of the traditional polyester material, so that the polyester shower curtains can play a better decorative and shielding effect. The quality of polyester shower curtains is excellent and the price is relatively high.

Different shower curtain Choices Have Different Results

we specialize in production and selling shower curtain, the most Beautiful christmas shower curtain, you can choose the long and wide of the shower curtain size. {Daily Share} In life, there are many choices. Choosing the different results will give you a different life. The eagle's majestic life, that is to choose the vast sky to fight for; the lion's life, that is to choose the vast land to fight for; the whale drifting for a lifetime, that is to choose the innocent ocean for exchange. Different choices and different life. Therefore, the choice determines life. In a person's life, there are always countless large and small choices waiting for us. Every time we choose, we will give up some things and get something else. After many choices, we will leave our unique life trajectory to create a different life. Life is long and choice is everywhere. The choices are different and the results vary widely. People in this life, or smooth sailing, or full of roads, some people move forward, others are standing still. Because the choices are different, the results are naturally different. The road of life, the road to success, the road to fame, the road to the cliff, the road to the abyss, the road to happiness, all the roads are chosen by ourselves. Different roads have different scenery. Different roads will have different ways of walking. Whether you are taking "land" or "waterway" or "empty road", you have your own choice and have your own goals and purpose.shower curtain. It is not our ability to decide our life, but our choice. A person's life is the life of choice. Choose to move forward or backward, choose to smile or cry, choose to persist or give up, choose to forgive or care, choose complicated or simple... In a person's life, you will meet thousands of choices. The life of a person is made up of choices. What you choose, they merge to form your life. When you choose comfort, you choose to get something for nothing, and you choose to accept the charity of others. When you choose Pinbo, you choose to go ahead and you choose success and flowers! Different choices, different results. Every minute and every second, we are choosing. The infinite past is the home for the present, and the infinite future begins with the present.

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