Rustic Shower Curtains Design Inside The Bathroom

Rustic Shower Curtains Design.

All the girls may have a rustic home dream. All of them are floral lace, soft and fresh, natural colors, a lot of wood-colored wooden furniture, and a sharp-eyed, handsome male friend.

Of course, today’s editor can satisfy all your fantasies. Today, the editor-in-chief will tell you about the rural-style design in the bathroom, satisfying the majority of female fans, and giving the owners some reference to relevant designs!

What is the most classic element of the pastoral style? Of course, the floral! The small flowers in the bathtub are repeated but not messy, for the correct demonstration.

Whale Animal Shower Curtains

The use of floral flowers is just right to become an idyllic wind, otherwise it is the sense of sight. The small florals in the closet are fresh and lovely, but what is the ghost of the Rustic shower curtains, ugly crying. 

Large-scale furnishings can quickly bring out the pastoral atmosphere, but large items occupy space, so the emphasis on the pastoral feeling falls on the bathtub, especially the wooden bathtub, the log atmosphere enhances the pastoral flavor.

There is no wooden bathtub, but it can also be remedied by the Rustic shower curtains, especially the white shower curtain with lace hollow. Is there a feeling of half-covering on the wood? With the unique mirror headlights, the pastoral style can also be high. !Color matching

Is there anything more simple and rude than the whole bathroom wall painted with mint green?

In addition to working on the wall, you can also paint the basin cabinet with a strong pastoral color, such as green and blue. Wall decoration

The wall is decorated with idyllic wall decorations such as vines, which can be warmer under the warm light.

What is more powerful than the wall decoration is of course the direct shape of the bathroom, such as the hollowed out wall, the ethnic design, the garden is quite different woodwork

Uniform wood color, vintage old wooden cabinets, with floral Rustic shower curtains, the atmosphere is not evil, and then a little bit of green plants, the best pastoral style demonstration is you!

Rustic Shower Curtains

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