DIY Patchwork Shower Curtains Handmade Method

Most of the shower curtains we have seen are made of plastic tarpaulin.

Today, foreign hand-made masters will teach us to make quilted shower curtains with tarpaulin. Because the back of the tarpaulin is not waterproof, it needs to be hung on the back when actually used. A plastic lining.

Due to the use of inch units in foreign production, conversion to CM will be different. If you are interested in imitating production, please calculate the size according to actual needs.

materials needed:

1. Shower curtain hanging ring and other accessories

2.7-19 1/4 yard cloth

3.4 yard MODA waterproof canvas

4.6.25cm wide strip

5. Small cloth head (for use with tarpaulins)

Production tutorial:

Step 1: Cut the tarpaulin into 2 pieces, each 162 cm long. Cut one of the wide sides into 106cm and the other from the wide side into two pieces, each piece is 38cm wide and 162cm long. The three pieces of fabric are stitched together along the long side, 106cm wide in the middle, 38cm Wide on both sides.


When splicing, the cloth can be clamped with a clip to fix it instead of the bead to avoid leaving a hole in the tarpaulin. The seam is applied to the inside, do not stretch or iron on the front of the tarp, flatten from the back. Because the tarpaulin does not have a burr, so there is no need to wrap the sides, saving a lot of work, oh yeah!

Step 2: Iron the bottom of the shower curtains down 2cm and iron it. Put a layer of cloth between the shower curtain and the iron to avoid damage to the waterproof layer. Then fold it down 10cm and iron it on the same. The crease is shown below.

Stitched along the edge

Holes are made at 3cm from the edge of the shower curtains. The middle part is calculated according to the need, and the hole is averaged and the ring piece is installed.

Step 3: Select a piece as a side strip that meets the shower curtains, cut into four strips of 5.6 cm width and spliced ​​together to form a long strip. Here, if there is a MODA cloth roll, you can choose one directly, which is very practical.

Customize shower curtains

Cut the remaining 1/4 yards of fabric into strips of 11cm*50cm size. According to your personal preference, these strips are randomly spliced ​​together along the long side, and the seams are spread out and flattened.

Put the shower curtains on one side and take out the 1/4 yard cloth set.

At this time, please pay attention to check: the total width after splicing should be 1.25cm wider than the shower curtain. For various reasons, it is possible that the actual width after splicing is not the same, you need to pick one more. The previously prepared strips are spliced ​​along the long sides with the newly spliced ​​strips as shown in the figure:

The two sides are folded into 0.6cm, remember that the above mentioned is a little wider than the shower curtains, and now the width should be just right with the shower curtain.

The side that is not spliced ​​with the long strips is also flattened as shown.

Step 4: Connect with the shower curtains. As shown in the figure, the spliced ​​long strips are stitched together with the front side of the shower curtain.

After sewing

On the other side, fold up and align the back of the shower curtain

After sewing

Step on a stitch along the edge of the edge

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