Modern Home Style Design Features

Modern Home Style Design Features.

Less is more decorative principles

The modern style of light beige modern style home proposes the aesthetic principle of “less is more”. Therefore, the most important feature of modern style is simplicity and clarity. It discards many unnecessary additional decorations and design on the basis of plane composition, color composition and three-dimensional composition, paying special attention to the spatial color and the excavation of physical changes.

Space availability and flexibility

The modern style pursues the practicality and flexibility of the space. The living room space is composed according to the functional relationship between each other, and the functional space is mutually infiltrated, and the utilization rate of the space is the highest. Space organization is no longer based on room combination.

The division of space is no longer limited to hard walls, but rather to the logical relationship of meeting, dining, learning, and sleeping function spaces. The division of different functional spaces is expressed by changes in furniture, ceilings, floor materials, displays, and even light, and this division exhibits flexibility, compatibility, and fluidity over time.

Decorative materials and color schemes provide a spatial backdrop for modern interior effects. First of all, in the selection of materials is no longer limited to natural materials such as stone, wood, tiles, but to expand the choice to metal, paint, glass, plastic and synthetic materials, and exaggerate the structural relationship between the materials, and even the air conditioning pipeline, Structural components are exposed and strive to present a highly technical interior space atmosphere that is completely different from traditional style.

Color based on brown series

Modern colors are often based on intermediate colors such as brown (light brown, brown, ivory) or grey (white, gray, black). Among them, white can express the simplicity of modern style. In addition, black, silver and gray can also show the bright and cool style of modern style. Another color feature of modern style is the use of very strong contrasting color effects to create a maverick personal style. The modern style of the room emphasizes the individuality and creative performance, that is, does not advocate the pursuit of high-end luxury, but focuses on what distinguishes it from other houses.

The versatility of residential small spaces is an important feature of modern interior design. Functional spaces associated with host hobbies include home audiovisual centers, mini-bars, fitness corners, home computer studios, and more. These personalized functional spaces can be design to suit the owner’s personal preferences, resulting in a distinctive effect.(Design Christmas Shower Curtain)

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