How To Hang Curtains

How To Hang Shower Curtains.

Curtains are a must in every home, and the curtains protect the privacy of the family, blackout, and decorate the home. So how to hang the curtains is better, it seems to be a very simple problem, but the actual installation is not so simple. Hanging curtains just looks simple, but different hook types have different hanging methods.

Hanging curtain steps

step 1:

First determine the number of laps and hooks required for each side of the curtain: Generally about 20 per side.

Step 2:

Hanging loop hook distribution method: first 2 folds, then 2 folds, then 2 folds…. The last fold of the fold is where the loops and hooks are to be hung. Counting the folds of this fold is equal to or less than the number of hooks you have in your hand.

Step 3:

The hooks for hanging poles are generally three, left and right, and there is a way to install the hooks. On the left and right sides, try to rely on the left and right sides. Only at the outermost side should you leave a hanging position for hanging curtains.

Step 4:

When pulling the curtains later, pull the curtains in the middle, then the last hanging loop will be stuck, which can ensure that the curtains will not all run to the middle.

Step 5:

The hooks on both sides of the rod are installed, so install the middle hook to hook the pole. If the middle position is chosen, then the curtain will cause one side not to be fully opened, and the other side is not enough.

Step 6:

When selecting the middle hook position, pull the curtains up to find the correct middle position.

5 ways to hang curtains

01 sets of rods

This is a relatively common hanging method. It is very simple to disassemble. Simply put the curtains along the curtain rods. This hanging method is simple and therefore reflects a more casual and free atmosphere, and you almost never except the pole. Need any other accessories. However, the disadvantage is that the curtain opening and closing is inconvenient. As a space that is often opened or closed, this hanging method is not suitable.

02 hidden snap-on

The hidden buckles are also very simple to install, and the appearance is neat and clean. All the pendants are hidden behind the curtains, so that the curtains appear to float in front of the curtain rods.

People who don’t like to expose hardware will like this hanging method, and you can adjust the spacing of the buckle to create different pleats. Unlike the first type of hanging method, this hanging method does not hinder the opening and closing of the curtain, but the insertion of the curtain is somewhat troublesome due to the insertion of the inside and the outside.

03 ring type

It is also a very popular hanging method, which will be hooked to the edge of the curtain and connected to the upper ring.

This method can be used to hang almost any kind of curtain, because it only needs to be hooked on the edge of the curtain.

And it can be moved freely, and the opening and closing is very smooth.

04 hanging button

This kind of hanging method is a variation of the previous one, and it is necessary to sew a set of plastic hanging wires behind the curtains to hook the buckle. It looks perfect, doesn’t have as much hardware bare, and it’s equally open and smooth.

Here is the secret, you can see that each buckle is not directly attached to the curtain, but hooked on the cable sleeves that were later sewn, so that in the front, the hardware buckles are naturally hidden. It is. Ideal for hanging heavy velvet curtains.

05 knotted

This kind of hanging method is more romantic, and directly put a curtain on the pole to make a bow.

The knotting method can add beauty and can be used in a space that needs to reflect warmth and romance.

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