When Is It Suitable For A Shower Curtain Room?

For A Shower Curtain Room?

The benefits of the shower room are:

1. Dry and wet separation is best done, it will not let the water flow out or splash outside;

2, there is better insulation effect, if you do not want to install Yuba, you can consider the shower room; if the bathroom is too big, the heat is dissipating quickly, and the shower room in winter is also a good choice; especially if there is an old man at home, afraid of cold The shower room is excellent;

3, beautiful, it seems that the bathroom will be more tidy;

As we mentioned above, the general size of the shower room is 1m*1m, which means that the bathroom is large enough, and the shower room will not be used in the case of windows; you can measure the size of the bathroom before purchasing;

The shape of the shower room is generally available in three types, square, arc, one-line and diamond cut. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

1, your bathroom is large enough, like the shower room to use a large area, good care, you can choose the square;

Square shower room size common specifications: 800 * 1000mm, 900 * 1000mm, 1000 * 1000mm

2, the arc-shaped shower room is more fashionable, but its size is generally fixed, not suitable for non-standard products, and need to be equipped with a suitable chassis, soft lines, unique model, look good, but also more expensive .

In addition, the arc shape is also suitable for families with elderly people, and will not be hit, and the safety is better.

Arc type shower room size common specifications: 850mm * 850mm is a reasonable minimum size, in the limit case not less than 800mm * 800mm, otherwise it will affect the shower experience.

3, the diamond-shaped shower room can make full use of the corner of the wall, but also can leave the passage of the external area, the area utilization rate is high, and the space is saved effectively.

Common specifications: 900*900mm, 900*1200mm, 1000*1000mm, 1200*1200mm.

4. The one-line shower room is especially suitable for families with narrower toilets. It can just occupy a wall or be in a corner. It does not need a chassis and a water retaining strip. The price is affordable and the economical applicability is extremely high.

have to be aware of is:

1. It is best to use a tempered glass shower room and then attach a layer of explosion-proof membrane. Even if it is broken under a minimum probability, the damage to humans can be minimized. The thickness of tempered glass is 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc. A variety of specifications, generally 6mm – 8mm can be;

2. If the floor drain of the bathroom is far away from the shower area, the floor drain must be shifted; if the floor drain needs to be displaced, only the ultra-thin floor drain can be used (there are many submarines, and the evaluation is also good) ;

3, if you do not want a transparent shower room, you can consider frosted glass, or add a shower curtain outside the shower room;


Third, apart from the aesthetics, where is the practicality?

The dry and wet separation effect of the partition is not as good as the shower room; the color style has no shower curtains, and it is expensive. Why do you still have partitions in the bathroom? I think everyone still likes beautiful things, and the dry and wet separation effect of this thing can be ( Except for some semi-partitions, it is important that it is also breathable.

Therefore, some people who think that the shower curtain is relatively LOW and do not want to be stuffy in the shower room can choose to use the partition. The partition has a half partition and a full partition. The full partition is more like a shower room, but it will be more breathable.

The water retaining strip in the picture is very low, so you need to make the ground around the floor drain low and slope so that the water will not stay outside.

Semi-separation is more common. Although the water retaining strip can block the outflow of water on the ground, the problem of water splashing out is still difficult to solve. In this case, it is best to place the position of the toilet at the end of the glass partition, which is not easy to splash water.

The narrow and long type of bathroom is more suitable for semi-separation, the toilet can be placed on the side of the wall with the shower; the material is also made of plastic steel, or directly a wall.

Whether it’s a shower curtain, a shower room or a glass partition, we want to be a comfortable bathing environment, but depending on the needs of each other, we need to consider the objective situation of the family, including the size of the family, the bathroom, and the budget. More reasonable choice.

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