What is the experience of the bathroom shower curtain in the home?

What is the experience of the bathroom shower curtain in the home?

Many people in the shower room are considering the use of glass, especially in the new house. I always want to be upscale. I want to install a transparent glass shower room. The glass in the glass shower room is easy to stain, and it is difficult to be dirty if it is dirty. Cleaning.

Therefore, the bathroom is now installed with shower curtains, which has become a new choice for many owners, and some people prefer shower rooms.

What is the difference between shower curtain and shower room? That is, the bathroom space is getting bigger, the price is cheap, and the shower curtain can be changed to the style that you like.

A lot of shower room glass hygiene is very difficult to clean, and the space is relatively small, it is easy to bump, if transparent glass is not used to many people, matte! Because the small space will create an extremely strong sense of oppression.

The bathroom shower curtain is very simple. It is a movable retractable stainless steel shelf. It can be used according to the size of the bathroom. It is not perforated. The direct suction cup is installed on the bathroom wall, which is very beautiful.

The installation period of the shower room is very long. The water retaining strip is installed at the time of the mason. After the installation is completed, the measurement is customized. After the paint is finished, the glass shower room can be installed. The installation of the shower curtain has already been said, which is very simple.

For very lazy people, it is more convenient to install the shower curtain. The bathroom shower curtain is dirty and directly taken down and replaced with clean, throwing the dirty into the washing machine, and washing it and drying it. The glass shower room needs to be wiped with a towel, and sometimes it is difficult to wipe it clean.

The shower curtain is also more affordable, very practical for small units. In fact, there is water in the shower room, and there is no guarantee that there is no water outside. The toilet is ready to go. Moreover, the sliding door of the shower room is broken and it is troublesome to repair.

The shower curtain is also very convenient for the elderly children. The glass sliding door is still a little hard for the elderly and children, but the bathroom shower curtain is just a light pull for them.

In fact, the bathroom shower curtain is also required to be replaced regularly, especially the aged plastic model, how to look uncomfortable, it is better to change it, let the bathroom play style.

A giraffe with a long neck is placed in the bathroom. When you see it in the shower, you can’t help it. The material is also waterproof polyester, and the lead wire is not too far from the bottom.

When the indoor temperature is low, the bathroom shower curtain also gathers hot steam to maintain the local temperature of the shower area. The shower curtain is still a big decoration in the bathroom, and the various shower curtains look at the bathroom is full of style.

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