excellent DIY shower curtain

excellent DIY shower curtain, multi-site multi-purpose method and skill

Speaking of the shower curtain, it is used to block the bathroom and the outside, to prevent water splashing and privacy during bathing. In fact, there are many ways to use the shower curtain, but the general shower curtain is relatively good, the pattern is not good, so it is not suitable for other places in the home. But the DIY shower curtain is a bit different, because it is beautiful, so it is more widely used.

What is the reason for DIY’s shower curtain? DIY of course has a shower curtain, the shape is simple but the color and type of the pattern are extremely rich, rich in Nordic colors, and the price is also a lot of real things. Perhaps good-looking + cheap is the reason for the popularity of DIY shower curtain, it should be correct. A DIY shower curtain with an unusually rich pattern and color to clean the white background

▲The color of the shower curtain, there are many things on the white background, the reason is to create a clean sense of the formal bathroom needs. When you feel the white background is too, you can decorate some string of shells and the like next to it, the atmosphere of the ocean will have an unspeakable refreshment. The use of the bathroom is the first to introduce the original role of the shower curtain, the case when used in the bathroom, the impression of the beautiful DIY shower curtain after use.

Water splash prevention

▲The use of the orthodox school, set a shower curtain between the wash basin and the bathtub to prevent water from splashing. The pattern of the shower curtain is a colorful Nordic style, looking at the fresh and active colors that make people happy, making bath time full of fun.

Partition of the undressing area

▲This is the partition between the shower curtain and the stripping station. In the white-based facial wash, the one-tone minimalist shower curtain is moderately visually accentuated, much like a similar space in a premium hotel bathroom.

Washing machine

▲ Many people will put the washing machine in the position of the washing machine and the stripping station. In order to cover the eye-catching of the washing machine, it is appropriate to use the shower curtain. The simple black circle pattern shower curtain is used here, there is no sense of contradiction, and it is easy to let the sense of life disappear. These places, DIY shower curtain can also be active! In addition to the bathroom, shower curtains can be used for a variety of purposes. Especially the DIY shower curtain, looking at the refreshing and pleasing, the new method of exerting its advantages is more appropriate and easy to use.

(children) curtains in the room

▲Colorful, graphic cartoon DIY this shower curtain is best for curtains in children’s rooms. POP material, smooth and easy to use, can make your child’s room full of energy, like the child’s graffiti is as cute.

Cold and condensation countermeasures

▲In front of the glass balcony, large curtains must be. In fact, it is best to use a waterproof shower curtain as a method of using curtains. Why do you say that? Because of the cold weather, the glass balcony door will be exposed to water absorption. The ordinary cloth curtain will be mildewed for a long time, and the waterproof shower curtain is not afraid. Clapping the Idea. As shown in the picture, this DIY shower curtain has a bright and refreshing pattern on the white background, and the sunlight can also be transmitted in. The visual effect is also good while ensuring the brightness of the room. Simple door

▲In the case of a home aisle or some space OPEN, the shower curtain can be used as a simple door. A telescopic stick, plus a shower curtain, easy to combine the simple cover door, no need to close the curtain.

At last

how about it? What do you think of the DIY shower curtain?

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