European Style Decoration

European decoration is a European style decoration mode.

Including French style, Italian style, Spanish style, Nordic style, British style, Mediterranean style and other major genres, it is the main style of high-end real estate and villa luxury decoration in recent years.


European Style Decoration comes from ancient Greece and ancient Rome, and also includes some ancient Persian architectural styles. In Europe, there is no profession of interior designers, only the profession of architects. European decoration is actually borrowing a lot of elements of classical architecture to obtain the similar characteristics of European life, so as to get the same feeling of living in Europe.

This European Style Decoration inherits the luxurious, dynamic and varied visual effects of the Baroque style. It also draws on the aesthetic and rhythmic details of the Rococo style, which is favored by the upper class. Classical luxury European style decoration is the essence of European decoration, mainly using expensive teak, mahogany, Sapele, cherry wood to make indoor wood and furniture.

Most of the lamps are made of precious copper chandeliers or crystal lamps, and the wall is decorated with imported wallpaper or wall covering. Floors are generally made of precious marble or granite, and bedrooms are generally carpeted. In the selection of furniture, expensive all-solid wood furniture is the first choice. A large number of Roman columns, reliefs, and luxury decoration techniques such as painted gold, magnificent and magnificent, are the main features of European classical decoration.

development of

But the simple European Style Decoration (commonly known as Jane Europe) is more suitable for Chinese people. The decoration requirements of Jane Europe can be as long as there are some symbols of European decoration, and the color and details can be used to set the atmosphere.

The characteristics are simple, clear and practical. Because the “minimalism” philosophy of life is ubiquitous in today’s popular pop culture. The modern minimalist style emphasizes the function supremacy and the form obeys the function. Therefore, in the design, ceilings, theme walls and other spaces occupying space, and there is not much practical value can be saved.

The European Style Decoration of the furniture is as simple as possible, with straight lines as the mainstay. The selection of the floor can be considered in monochrome, the straight lines of the straight lines are neat and tidy or the fashion-forward artificial design traces can be obvious.

Decoration features

European-style decoration emphasizes the graceful decoration, the strong color and the exquisite shape to achieve the graceful decoration effect. The top of the European living room likes to use a large light pool and create an atmosphere with gorgeous chandeliers. The upper part of the door and window is made into a circular arc shape, and is lined with a plaster line with a pattern. Two luxurious Roman columns are placed at the entrance to the hall, and the interior has a real fireplace or a fake fireplace. The wall is best to use wallpaper, or use high-quality latex paint to create a luxurious effect.

The floor material is preferably stone or floor. The European living room is very much in need of furniture and soft decoration to create the overall effect. Dark oak or maple furniture, colorful fabric sofas, are the protagonists of the European living room. There are also romantic Roman blinds, exquisite oil paintings, and well-made sculptures and crafts, all of which are indispensable elements of the European style.

However, it should be noted that this style of decoration will achieve better results in rooms with larger area and space.European style decoration can use the color and details to set off the atmosphere. Such as Roman columns, European doors. In terms of the choice of the floor, the color is full, and the dark and elegant colors can maximize the European style. Such as red sandalwood, Dalbergia, classical oak and other colors.

European Style Decoration

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