What Is The Decoration Of The Ceiling?

Decoration Of The Ceiling?

First, the ceiling decoration method

1, reserved light trough good lighting: This is the most basic function of the ceiling, a variety of lamps are hidden inside the ceiling, forming a reflective light source, creating a warm effect for the living room.

2, the kitchen cleans the new sky: plastic gusset is the most popular kitchen ceiling decoration material, not only has a good moisture resistance, but also wipe with a rag and detergent. There is also a metal ceiling material that has become popular, and its decorative effect is better, but the price is slightly more expensive.

3, herringbone roof decoration: some units will have a traditional herringbone roof, if wrapped with wood, designed into the style of ancient eaves, can bring a thick and simple taste to the space.

4, the ceiling of a large area: If the living room is large, you can design a more complex ceiling, so that the flat ceiling presents a three-dimensional sense.

5, dialogue with the song: If you suspect that the home’s decorative lines are too straight, too hard, you can design a curved ceiling, so that the visual effect of the room changes a little.

6. Classical white ceiling: The classical western plasterboard decorative panel is decorated on the ceiling, and the complicated chandeliers are used to enrich the original empty ceiling.

Second, the ceiling decoration matters needing attention

Ceiling decoration light trough: Before we decorate the ceiling, we must remember that the most basic function of the ceiling is to serve as the foundation of the ceiling. We must reserve a light trough to allow various lamps to be hidden inside to form a reflective light source. With the color of the room, you can create a different atmosphere.

Ceiling decoration materials: Among the ceiling materials, the most popular is the plastic gusset plate. This kind of material is generally used in the kitchen. It is particularly resistant to moisture and is easy to clean. We only need to use a rag to clean it with a little detergent. Just one click. Another popular material is the metal ceiling material, which has a better decorative effect than the plastic gusset, but the price is correspondingly higher.

Herringbone roof for ceiling decoration: Many top floor units have a herringbone roof, which is a bit difficult for a general ceiling, but don’t be nervous. Xiaobian tells you that it is easy to wrap a prominent place with wooden boards. It has become the style of ancient eaves, but also brings a classic atmosphere.

Large-area roofs for ceiling decoration: For large-scale living rooms, we can ask designers to design some complex ceilings when decorating, and then with a little light, the ceiling can be made into a three-dimensional effect by reflection.

Third, the ceiling decoration materials

Mineral wool board: The material of mineral wool board is made of mineral fiber cotton. Its most outstanding advantage is that it has good sound insulation and heat insulation, especially suitable for some high temperature environments, but also Painting decoration on DIY above.

PVC board: The use of PVC board materials is also relatively common, one of which is due to its advantages and benefits. It is a synthetic plastic material that is very light but strong.

Gypsum board: The ceiling material of gypsum board is relatively common in use, and its raw material is mainly based on building gypsum. The advantage is that the strength is relatively high, but it is relatively convenient to use. Another advantage is that all families want it, that is, it can be soundproofed.

Keel: Don’t think that the keel is the keel. Actually it is not. It is mainly because it has a special meaning and is called a keel. The keel is also divided into many types such as light steel, aluminum alloy, wooden dragon and steel keel. The advantages of these four types of keels are that the comparative knots are substantially lighter.

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