How To Deal With The Yellowing Of The Shower Curtains?

How to deal with the yellowing of the shower curtains cloth?

What we are talking about is not the yellow shower curtain.It is said that the shower curtain will turn yellow when it is not used for a long time. It is a pity to throw it. How to let the yellow color be removed? Canvas or cotton curtains are washed like hot cotton soap with other soapy fabrics, washed and then flattened.

Most shower curtains only need to be dried. It is difficult to remove the mildew, wash it with light bleach, and then dry it. If you have a washing machine, you can add the shower curtain to the washing machine, add eight or four cups of vinegar, and then leave it to the washing machine for a night. This method not only can sterilize, but also neutralize all the dirt, and also saves the trouble of brushing the shower curtains.

How to deal with the yellowing of the shower curtain ?

1. Roll up the shower curtain and mold it at the lower end.

2, the shower curtains rolled into a Mexican chicken roll into the basin, ready to soak disinfection + bleaching

3, 84 disinfectant soaking can be bleached to mildew. It is recommended to wear gloves when contacting the disinfectant, otherwise the skin will be dehydrated. 84 disinfectant: water is about 1:10~1:5, the concentration is higher and the rinse effect is obvious. Our family only has the “net content” mark, I use it all. Pour directly on the shower curtains, add a small amount of water, the mildew can account for a high concentration of 84. Soak for 5~10 minutes and find that the water turns yellow and black, and it can be longer.

4. Put on gloves and mold for a while. Wash with water and the water will be clear. 5, the shower curtain to dry, very fast, blowing air for about half an hour to dry. In vain, there are no more

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