Comfortable home, is your home up to standard?

Comfortable home.

First, what is a comfortable home system

It respects the concept of health, comfort, ecology and energy saving, and comprehensively enhances home comfort. In the 21st century, the comfortable home system began to enter China, a comfortable home system. It is an important part of the standard of healthy housing. The so-called comfortable home system is the application of modern and advanced science and technology, scientific research achievements and advanced environmental protection equipment.

It mainly adopts the system of home equipment integration, and improves the comfort level of people’s life in many ways through environmental protection and energy saving; thus making comfort The home system meets the three elements of a comfortable life and meets the 15 requirements of the World Health Organization WHO on healthy residential standards.

Second, the main three major elements of comfortable life

Element 1: Good indoor air quality

Comfortable air quality: including temperature, humidity, fresh air volume and air cleanliness.

(1). Temperature: The suitable indoor temperature should be slightly lower than the normal body temperature of human beings. Generally speaking, the indoor comfort temperature is 23.5±2°C;

(2). Humidity: The relative standard for dividing the humidity is: relative temperature >80% is high and wet, relative humidity <30% is low humidity, comfortable humidity is 40% to 70%;

(3). Fresh air volume: China’s national standard GB/T18883-2002 determines that the fresh air per person per hour (fresh air introduced from outside) should not be less than 30;

(4). Air cleanliness: Generally, when the dust concentration in the air is low, the air cleanliness is high, and when the dust concentration is high, the air cleanliness is low.

Element 2: Healthy water quality

(1). The water temperature is even and constant; in the process of domestic water, the effluent is uniform, the temperature is moderate, and it is not easy to go up and down.

( 2). Water quality is soft and hard: water is treated, chlorine, heavy metals, solid suspended particles, etc. are removed, the water quality is soft and hard, it will not cause abrasion or damage to clothing and skin, and will not cause scaling of pipes, sanitary ware, sanitary equipment, etc. .

(3). Drinking water meets health standards

A. Drinking water does not contain pathogenic microorganisms;

B. Chemical substances and radioactive substances contained in water shall not cause harm to human health;

C. Drinking water must ensure that the senses are good and the people are happy to drink.

Element 3: Satisfying people’s psychological needs

The comfort of the mind in a comfortable home is a state in which the senses of the person and the enjoyment of the home life are harmonious. In general, mind comfort includes the following five levels:

(1) harmonious home color matching;

(2) rich visual space layering;

(3) Unique home fashion beauty;

(4) Vibrant and fresh air quality;

(5) A warm and relaxed family atmosphere.

This is the standard for comfortable home. Is your home environment up to standard?

According to the International Scientific Health Residential Standard, the comfortable home system includes the following major systems: home central air conditioning system, central heating system, central fresh air system, central dust removal system, central water treatment system, central hot water system, solar energy, air energy, smart home system.


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