Classification Of Rustic Style Decoration

Rustic Style Decoration

The pastoral style focuses on the performance of nature, but the different pastoral styles have different natures, which in turn lead to a variety of furniture styles, Chinese pastoral style, European pastoral style, and even the rural style of South Asia, each with its own characteristics. Each has its own beauty.

Chinese pastoral Decoration

The tone of the Chinese pastoral style is the golden color of the harvest, which is decorated with natural materials such as wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and fabric. There are often rattan products on soft decoration, such as green potted plants, porcelain, pottery and so on. The characteristics of the Chinese style are in the aspects of interior layout, line shape, color tone, and the shape of furniture and furnishings.

They absorb the characteristics of traditional decoration “shape” and “god”, and use traditional cultural connotations as design elements to remove the drawbacks of traditional furniture and remove them. Excessive carvings, combined with the comfort of modern Western-style homes, take different arrangements according to the different types of living rooms.

The Chinese-style garden decoration space is about depth, and it is divided by window and screen. The solid frame is made of solid wood to fix the bracket, and the middle is carved with scorpion to make a simple pattern. Doors and windows are very important for determining the Chinese style. Because Chinese doors and windows are generally made of squares or other Chinese traditional patterns, they are carved into various styles with solid wood, polished and full of three-dimensionality.


The ceilings are intersected by wooden strips into a square shape, covered with wooden boards, and can also be used as a simple circular light pool ceiling. The solid wood frame is used, and the layers are clear and painted in rosewood color. The furnishings are symmetrical and emphasize cultural significance. The accessories are decorated with calligraphy and painting, antiques, scrolls, bonsai, and exquisite handicrafts. They also show the taste and honor of the master. The woodcarvings are mainly wall-mounted, with cultural charm and unique style. The unique charm of Chinese traditional home culture.

Chinese traditional living rooms are very particular about the layering of space. This traditional aesthetic concept has been completely explained in the Chinese style: according to the difference in the number of people in the house, the functional space is separated, and the “dumb” or the simplified “black shelf” is used to distinguish Where it is necessary to isolate the line of sight, a Chinese-style screen or window sill is used. Through this new separation, the unit house can show the beauty of the Chinese home.

French pastoral Decoration

The European pastoral style is designed to appeal to the natural return of the soul, giving people a rich atmosphere. Incorporating some fine late accessories into the design style, it fully reflects the comfortable and comfortable living atmosphere pursued by designers and owners. This living room uses a lot of fabrics and ornaments of floral patterns, and the gorgeous outlines of European furniture complement the beautiful chandeliers. The walls are not empty, and the murals and decorative vases add a lot to it. Flowers and green plants are also a good embellishment.

The European pastoral style can be roughly divided into English pastoral style and French pastoral style. The furniture of English garden furniture is mainly made up of gorgeous fabrics and handmade crafts. The fabrics are beautiful and the flowers are mainly composed of numerous floral patterns. Floral, striped, Scottish motifs are the eternal theme of English rustic furniture.

The furniture materials are mostly made of pine and eucalyptus. The production and engraving are all handmade and very particular. American pastoralism is a typical representative of the pastoral style decoration. Because of its natural simplicity and elegant temperament, it is highly praised by people. However, the pure American pastoral style needs to have any elements and spatial characteristics. I am afraid that there are not many people who really understand.

The wine culture that has been enduring for centuries, self-sufficient, self-produced and modernized farms in the post-Agricultural era of France have a profound influence on the French pastoral style decoration. The French people are relaxed and comfortable, and the uncontested lifestyle makes the French pastoral style leisurely, petty, comfortable and simple, and full of life.

The most obvious feature is the whitening treatment of the furniture and the boldness of the color matching. Whitewashing gives the furniture a sense of timelessness in classical furniture, and the matching of yellow, red and blue colors reflects the rich and rich landscape of the earth. The curled curves and delicate patterns of the legs are also a reflection of elegant living.

English pastoral Decoration

English-style decoration garden furniture is mainly white such as milk white ivory white, high-grade birch, eucalyptus and other frames, with high-grade environmental MDF for the inner panel, elegant shape, careful lines and high-grade paint treatment, all make Each product is like an elegant and mature middle-aged woman who is gentle and restrained and unobtrusive, exudes a calm and elegant life, and looks like a girl’s 18 pure and refined temperament, all of which makes people feel tiring and imagination.

The main character of the bedroom furniture is of course the bed. Most of the high-back bed and four-poster bed are adult beds. The lovely princess bed is the dream paradise of the prostitute. The small-sized railing bed is the favorite of the naughty son. The 70cm high bedside table and the bed end stool are convenient for living. The size of the space is matched with the appropriate size or three or two or four door wardrobes.

Of course, there is a necessary dressing table, which can be equipped with a window. Lounge chairs and small round or small squares, a cup of aromatic coffee at leisure, must be a good choice. Elegantly shaped garden lamps are an essential supporting role. The daughter’s room princess bed can be equipped with a bedside table, a small angel table lamp, an essential two small closet and study table, which makes learning and life more compact, without having to have a professional dressing table, can hang round or square mirror Just fine, the wall can be hooked to facilitate the hanging of some small things.

the above need to be equipped with garden floral bedding to better create a pastoral atmosphere. The boy room can be equipped with a bedside table, rough table lamps, desks, small wardrobes, wall hangings, etc., not too feminine, so as to avoid gender misplacement, try to reflect the rough temperament, cultivate the man’s perseverance quality from childhood!

American country Decoration

The American pastoral style Decoration is also known as the American country style decoration. It belongs to the natural style and advocates “returning to nature”. In the indoor environment, it strives to express leisurely, comfortable and natural pastoral life. It also uses natural wood, stone, rattan and bamboo. Such as the texture of the rustic texture. It is a good idea to set up indoor greening to create a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere.

American pastoral style Decoration is pragmatic, standardized and mature. Take the middle class in the United States as an example. They have a fairly good income support, so they can freely develop their preferences in a larger room. The design case also shows the taste, hobbies and life of their occupants to a considerable extent. Values.

Generally speaking, when you enter the door, you can enjoy the public part of the home space. The living room and restaurant are used to entertain guests and entertain friends.

In the choice of materials, the material tends to be harder, brighter and more gorgeous. The restaurant is basically connected to the kitchen. The kitchen is large in size, easy to operate and powerful. On the other side of the kitchen opposite the restaurant, there is usually a small dining area that is not too big. The multi-functionality of the kitchen is also reflected in the interpersonal communication within the family. These two areas will be connected to the living room. The region has become the focus of family life.

The living room is generally lower and flatter than the living room space. The selection of materials is also comfortable, flexible and warm. The material combination can effectively establish a warm and warm family atmosphere. Television and other entertainment products are also placed in this space. It is conceivable that under the sound of TV commercials, the harmony of pots and pans, and the noise of children playing, this “three districts” is a happy one.

On the second floor, in addition to the bedroom where the family members rest, the study room, recreation room, multi-purpose room, small living room and other spaces will be built to meet the family’s diverse requirements. The design of the bathroom is also focused on function, and safety and convenience are the primary considerations. In addition, the American pastoral style decoration has a greater degree of freedom in the selection of toilets, because Americans like to bathe, and waterproof wallpapers, wood and other materials on the walls are also common.

South Asian pastoral Decoration

The furniture style is rough, but it is peaceful and easy to access. Most of the materials are teak, which has a strong sense of light, and also has furniture such as coconut shell and rattan. There are many old craftsmanships and I like to make carvings. The color is mainly brown.

The rustic style Decoration of materials advocates nature, bricks, pottery, wood, stone, rattan, bamboo… the more natural the better. In the choice of fabric texture, cotton, hemp and other natural products are used. The texture is just in line with the pursuit of the country style, and sometimes the wall is hung with a woolen wall hanging. The theme of the performance is mostly rural scenery.

What should be overlooked is that the rural style room also needs to change the living space into “green space” through greening. For example, it can be arranged in combination with furniture, or it can be decorated with key decorations and corners. It can also be arranged along the window to make the plants melt. Living in the room creates a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere. At this time, I invited three or five friends, and I have a feeling of paradise for the moon.


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