3 Tips For The Choice Of Shower Curtains

Choice Of Shower Curtains

The four small tricks of the shower curtains are the ones that are simple to buy, but when you actually buy them, you know that it is very difficult. The choice of shower curtain is not only the pursuit of beauty, but also the material, size, thickness and smell of it. This is the first question consumers should consider. There is a small trick for the shower curtain in the shower curtain. .

First, the material

When buying a shower curtain, pay attention to its material. It is said in the shower curtain Daquan that the choice of shower curtain is very important. The material is composed of many kinds, and the quality is good and the quality is poor. This requires the consumer to carefully select when buying, do not choose not to Good material, good material should be soft and textured.

Second, the thickness

It has been said in the shower curtain encyclopedia, when you choose the shower curtain, you can also look at the thickness of it, the conventional thickness is between 0.1 mm and 0.15 mm. How do you compare shower curtains of different thicknesses? Two shower curtains of the same size can be weighed separately, of which the weight is obviously thicker. Because the shower curtain is used in the bathroom, it is recommended to choose a thicker one, which is relatively light-blocking and the quality will be better.

Third, the smell

Many shower curtains will smell, which is related to the craftsmanship of the producer. Some shower curtains have been introduced. If the shower curtain is made by a machine, its smell will be less, but the things that are made by the machine are not as delicate as manual. Manually printed, the steps are more complicated, and when it is just produced, there will be a big taste, but don’t worry, just take it out and dry it, its taste will soon disappear.

The above is a small trick to buy a shower curtain inside the shower curtain. In the shower curtain Daquan, it has been said that the purchase of the shower curtain looks simple, but the actual operation is not easy. If you want to buy a shower curtain that you are satisfied with, the quality is good and beautiful, you must first overcome these small tricks in advance. .

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