How to buy and install the shower curtains correctly

      How to buy and install the shower curtains correctly.   

The shower room is both beautiful and good for dry and wet separation, so it is very popular. However, for a small apartment with a small area, it is not easy to make room for the shower room in the bathroom. The space is small and you want to keep the bathroom dry, then the shower curtain is your best choice. Let me share with you the experience of the purchase and installation skills of the shower curtain.

Correct experience in installing shower curtains

The shower curtain is generally made of plastic or nylon, and has a certain waterproof and windproof effect. Therefore, it is mainly used to prevent the splash of the shower from splashing outside the shower and to maintain a certain heat preservation effect. To put it simply, the shower curtains is just a tarpaulin.

To be used normally, it must be hung up with the shower curtain rod. It can be pulled apart when used, and it can be put away when not in use, without wasting valuable bathroom space. Shower curtains of different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. Different bathrooms also have different shower curtain installation methods, so let us continue to look down.

The previous shower curtains was made of ordinary plastic, and the price was cheap, but the winter texture was hard and not strong. It was easy to tear when pulled, and even sucked on the body during the shower.

Summer is good, and winter will make you very unhappy. PVC has good transparency, strong and durable, good drape, feels in general, will change with the change of weather, and it will have a slight taste; PEVA is a polymer of PE and EVA, also an environmentally friendly material, odorless and smooth, good hand feeling The more the EVA content determines the feel and drape, the higher the EVA content, the softer the feel, the better the drape and the heavier.

The shower curtains is not as thick as possible. Too thick fabric tends to affect the breathability and water resistance of the shower curtain. It is not easy to dry when exposed to water. It is easy to cause mildew when used for a long time, and the shower curtain is relatively thin if the fabric is drape.

Good, it is also a good product, very comfortable to use. The thickness of the shower curtains is generally 0.1-0.15mm. The simplest comparison method is the shower curtain of the same size and the same weight, so the thickness can be determined.

The shower curtain size is indicated by the width * height. Please note: the width of the shower curtain is wider than the width of the bathroom, which means that the actual width of the shower curtain part needs to be larger. For example, if your bathroom or bathtub is 160cm wide, you need to purchase a 180-wide shower curtain.

The curtains need to have room for extension. If you buy 160, it will not be tight. The height of the shower curtain is 180 cm to 200 cm, which is enough; the height of the shower curtain hem should be 1-2 cm. It’s best not to drag the hem, it’s easy to get dirty, and sometimes it’s easy to tear the shower curtain if you accidentally step on it.

The smell of the shower curtain is related to the printing process. Shower curtain extension printing and hand printing, the machine printing will basically not smell, but can only print some repeated colors; handprints are artificial printing, generally used in the whole effect or non-repeatable color, the process is very complicated, the cost is relatively High, at the same time printed also has a relatively heavy ink smell. The new shower curtain is directly packaged, and the package will have an ink smell. It will be hanged and ventilated, and the ink smell will naturally evaporate.

The shower area is best able to have walls on three sides, and more importantly: the shower curtain rods are placed on the walls at both ends with a “bulging rod”. What is the expansion rod? The “expansion rod” is a telescopic iron tube. After the two sides of the head, it is fixed by a screw. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the “expansion rod” is generally 20 kg, which can be used for bath towels, and the “expansion rod” can be displaced and replaced anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient;

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