Bathroom Renovation Process

Bathroom Renovation Process:

1. Design the position and size of the wash basin, toilet, water heater, bathtub or shower, then design the water circuit to draw the design plan; lay the water, electricity and heating pipes according to the drawings, then clean the ground, and then use the cement mortar. Level the ground;

2, start to do the ground waterproof layer, the coating should be uniform, thickness ≥ 1.5mm. Pay attention to the dead angle during construction, between the wall and the ground, between the water pipe and the ground. The wall is made of waterproof reference ground, the surrounding side wall is waterproof ≥20cm, there is a bathtub, and the waterproof layer should be able to spray the shower. Of course, the waterproof of the four walls can also be done at the top of the wall, and the roof of the bathroom can be made waterproof better;

3. After the waterproof construction is completed, the sewer of the bathroom should be blocked, and a “low wall” should be built at the entrance of the bathroom for water injection test. The water injection height is about 10cm. After 24 hours, if there is no leakage around the wall and floor of the bathroom, the waterproof quality of the bathroom is very good. On the contrary, find out the missing points and carry out maintenance;

4. After the closed water test is completed, dry for 5-7 days, and then make a layer of cement mortar on the waterproof coating. After the cement mortar protective layer is dry, the floor tiles can be attached. The ground should have sufficient inclination to the ground drain to facilitate drainage. The tiles on the ground should be non-slip and waterproof. The wall tiles can not absorb water, otherwise there will be color difference. The color of the tile grout should be better than the right, not too shallow or too deep. After the wall and floor tiles are attached, the normal decoration on the ground can be carried out;

5. The size and height of the washbasin countertop should be moderate (H75-85cm depending on the height), and the under counter basin is easy to clean. The waterway requirements of the basin: 50cm from the ground and 50-15cm between the hot and cold water, so that the hot and cold water pipes are in the basin. If the water heater and the wash basin are far apart to provide hot water, then another way to do it, such as installing a wash basin under the water heater for winter use;

6, the water heater is well installed on the load-bearing wall, strong. There is enough space between the two ends of the water heater and the wall for easy maintenance. If there is a bathtub, the ratio of the volume of the water heater to the volume of the bathtub should be greater than or equal to 2:3; if you want to buy the toilet, you should consider whether to choose the water before or after the water. Consider the distance between the water hole and the wall of the toilet. Go in. The toilet flushing effect is better, it is necessary to save water, and the noise is small;

7. Leave the socket on the top of the wash basin (hair dryer, razor, etc.), leave the socket below, leave the socket for the toilet (cleaning device, etc.), and leave the socket if the washing machine is placed in the bathroom. The quality of the socket should be good. To avoid the direction of the shower spray, it is necessary to bring a waterproof cover; if the cabinet is to be stainless steel, it is waterproof and easy to clean;

8, the bathroom light should be bright should not be dark, to use incandescent or natural light, lights, mirrors, doors to prevent fog; the bathroom lighting switch should be installed on the outside of the door, mirror front light, ventilation fan, Yuba, etc. should be in the switch Inside the bathroom. The selection of the wires should be based on the total power of the appliances in the bathroom.

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